01 October 2010

Lotus: Proton vs Fernandes & co‏

After racing F1 for barely less than a season, our supposedly 1Malaysia F1 racing team (now known as Lotus Racing Team) are taking their own stance on the Lotus brand. The high-profile brand tussle case has been taken to British court now, in which definitely does not represent the 1Malaysia spirit at all.

Although I'm not a F1 fan, I did watch F1 occasionally. Now, I had switched my channel to the court case, which I think is more interesting than on-the-track sensations. In F1, other than performance, everything is about branding and reputation and $$$. If not, why they dumped in so much money? For the sake of getting a court case?

Behind the scene...

For Proton, they want to rebuild their fragile brand by using Lotus to showcase their expertise internationally.
For Fernandes & co, they want to establish their own brand to oversea especially for AirAsia which flew directly to Europe. And, maybe just participate for fun.

Both side will win?

Since I do not know much about law and due to limited information, I would not comment on the court case. But, for sure, there is only one winner who can use the trade mark "Lotus" in the end. And, for sure, the loser will lose all - brand and money and time, but not publicity. Oops, publicity is essential for branding too...

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