08 October 2010

Where is my MEATBALLS?

Once in awhile, I'll dine-in at this famous fast food restaurant. However, this time it surprised me!!!

As normal, I order a plate of meatball spaghetti with tomato sauce, which is nice in taste. Without thinking, I straight away started my meal once it was on my table. Regrettably, I should have taken a photo (for the sake of proof). I remembered that it should be 4-5 meatballs previously, instead of 2 meatballs currently.
4 vs 2 (50% missing!!!)

Where is my MEATBALLS ???

Without arguing for the missing meatballs, I wondering why the said fast-food company did it that way? After 2 minutes, I come out with my own conclusion.
  1. The pretty waitress ate it while on the way of serving me. (2 meatballs in a mouth?)
  2. This is a company way to improve profit margin.
Reason number 2 seems to be more logic. Recently, the said company reporting better quarterly results with higher net profit was recorded. How to increase net profit per customer basis?
  1. Value-up or cross-sell other products to a customer
  2. Cutting the costs
Due to the fact that they failed to convince me to value-up, cutting cost (meatballs) is the best way. Although profit is the most important things in any business, please earn it in proper ways, not by undermining the benefits of customers.

Please give me back my MEATBALLS !!!

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