05 October 2010

New Fund: OSK-UOB Capital Protected Asia Gaming & Hospitality Fund

With the Asian economies leading in the run up to the global economic recovery, it is expected that the gaming and hospitality sector in Asia would be positioned for growth. Supported by a stead fast growing population and rising income, the gaming and hospitality sector in Asia is thus expected to flourish.

On such expectation OSK-UOB offer investor a new fund that will seek to capitalize on the expected growth of this sector in the Asian region, particularly in Macau and Singapore whilst protecting* investors' capital.

This is a 4-year close-ended capital protected* fund which aim to provide regular income over the medium term whilst protecting investors' capital* on the maturity date.

This fund is suitable for investors who:
  1. have a low risk tolerance;
  2. seek capital protection*;
  3. share our view on the growth potential of the Asian gaming and hospitality sector during the run up to the world economic recovery;
  4. have a medium term horizon (4-year);
  5. seek regular income
Offer Period     : 5 Oct - 18 Nov 2010
Min Investment : Rm 1,000
Sales Charge    : 2.50%

* This capital protected fund is provided through investments in ZNIDs and not by a guarantee.

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