28 January 2022

Top 10 Property Developers in Malaysia 2021

Yeah! This project is launched by Malaysia's Top 5 Property Developer, that project is launched by the Top 8 Developer... Sounds familiar?

No doubt, this is the common slogan / title / header / copywriting posted by your property agent friends in order to attract your attention. 😆😅

All of them also said that their project developer is one of the top, until I was also confused most of the time. Nevermind, after searching around, I got this list which I personally think makes sense to recognize as TOP 10 Property Developers in Malaysia 2021.

*Note: Developers in this list were arranged alphabetically.

Here you go:

17 January 2022

What is Skim Saraan Bercagar (SSB) ~ Reverse Mortgage?

Are you struggling or worried about your retired life? And, do you have a fully paid-up residential property under your name? Good news. 😍😍😍

As a homeowner, you are “asset-rich” through housing equity. Do you know that you can turn your residential property into a fixed monthly income stream throughout your retirement years?

You have an option now to fund your retirement life now with this new scheme called 'Reverse Mortgage'.

What is Skim Saraan Bercagar (SSB) or Reverse Mortgage?

07 January 2022

All you need to know about the "CSR Flood Relief Fund"

Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) and its members in response to the recent flooding affecting at least 7 states in the country have set up a CSR Flood Relief Fund (“CSR Fund”) to alleviate the hardship faced by the car owners whose vehicles were inundated under floodwater.

The CSR Fund in the form of subsidy for mechanical clean-up cost (excluding repair) at any competent workshops is provided by the general insurance industry over and above existing commitments by insurers to expedite payment of flood claims settlement, waiver of certain mandatory claims documentations, simplified claims process, additional special relief measures that may be provided by the individual insurer.

How much funding is allocated?

06 January 2022

3 Important Points taken from Serba Dinamik's Annual Report (6 January 2022)

Finally, the audit report which all shareholders of Serba Dinamik Holdings Bhd (SDHB) are waiting anxiously for months is out today. However, the annual report comes together with other announcements which are lengthy. Confused? Lazy to read?

No worry. Let us summarise for you in 3 Important Points below:

Deviation or Variance of more than 10% 👀👀👀

04 January 2022

Transaction Costs in Trading of Shares Listed on Bursa Malaysia (Effective January 2022)

In light of the Budget 2022 announced by the Minister of Finance, please take note on the following changes with effect from 1st Jan 2022:
  1. Increased stamp duty rate on contract notes from 0.10% to 0.15%
  2. Increased capping amount on stamp duty charge from RM200 to RM1,000
  3. Exemption of service tax on brokerage fee related to trading of shares listed on Bursa Malaysia

However, it's not as straightforward as this... Huh? Let's explore in detail below here...