Merdeka Month Special: 1st August – 31 Aug 2023

Merdeka Month Special: 1st August – 31 Aug 2023
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31 January 2012

BNM Further Liberalisation on Forex (Jan 2012)

As part of continuous efforts by Bank Negara Malaysia to enhance competitiveness in the economy and to develop the domestic financial markets, Bank Negara Malaysia wishes to announce the following liberalisation measures, with effect from 31 January 2012:

  1. To further spur the domestic foreign exchange market through greater product innovation, licensed onshore banks are permitted to trade foreign currency against another foreign currency with a resident.
  2. To further deepen the domestic interest rate derivatives market, a licensed onshore bank is allowed to offer ringgit-denominated interest rate derivatives to a non-bank non-resident.
  3. Towards enhancing the asset liability management of residents, flexibility is permitted for a resident to convert their existing ringgit or foreign currency debt obligation into a debt obligation of another foreign currency.

The above measures which are in line with the broad thrust of the Financial Sector Blueprint will contribute towards increasing the liquidity, depth and participation of wider range of players in the domestic financial markets.

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29 January 2012

Any Hidden Agenda Behind the Sales of POS and PROTON?

Lately, there was a slew of divestment by Khazanah Nasional Bhd (Investment arm of Malaysia Government). And, the most recent one was the divestment of Proton stakes to DRB-Hicom. But, the strange part was DRB-Hicom was the winning bidder for Khazanah's stake in POS Malaysia last year too.

Questions have been pouring in to Finance Malaysia regarding this issue, such as, are there any linkages between the two national deals? Other than DRB-Hicom, there was none other better suitors? As such, we would like to give our opinion on this matter. (Just for your reading pleasure)

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21 January 2012

CLSA Feng Shui Index 2012

In conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year, Finance Malaysia would like to bring to you another popular research report - funny and interesting - by CLSA. This year is called "Water Dragon" year. Is it a good or bad dragon? What does water means to this dragon? And most importantly, what's the predictions of markets from the angle of feng shui?

Prediction pattern patent pending

17 January 2012

Credit Suisse's 2012 Malaysia Outlook

After looking into all those research reports on 2012 market outlook by local securities or research houses, it's time for foreign research houses. In this series of 2012 outlook, we kick start with Credit Suisse's report, in which a section of it was written specifically on Malaysia. And, below is the excerpt from it.

Malaysia’s GDP growth to outperform its regional peers'?

14 January 2012

Annual Strategy 2012 by TA Securities

2011 had triggered a wave of unwanted chain effects, which would not languish but resonate further into 1H12. While Japan is recovering from the worst ever tsunami and nuclear disaster, and oil prices stabilized after the unrest in the Middle East, conditions in Europe are expected to worsen before stabilizing.

Global Economy – Risk Factors Extending into 2012

Positive news flows on drastic measures to restore confidence in Europe and maintain the credit ratings of core economies could boost market sentiment in early 1Q12 and push the index to test the all‐time high of 1,597. However, the reality check on the implication of European austerity measures and rising market risk premium due to the 13th General Election (GE) could push the index around 1,200 levels in 1H12 based on a minus two standard deviation from its last decade’s historical mean of 16.6x.

A revival should ensue in the following months due to oversold conditions and anticipation of a subsequent recovery in Eurozone economy by mid‐2013 as markets move ahead by about six months. Our end‐2012 target is 1,520 based on a mid‐cycle PER of 13x.

Malaysia – Not Insulated

13 January 2012

Unbelievable 1Malaysia Amanah Rakyat Scheme?

Did you watch TV news just now? There is a good news for Malaysian who are looking for higher saving rate for their monies. Yes. I am talking about the fresh from oven 1Malaysia Amanah Rakyat scheme. The scheme was launched by Prime Minister, which aimed at helping those with a monthly household income of RM3,000 and below.

Unlike the previous series, the new scheme was a hybrid of a unit trust investment and loan product, capable of generating a consistent cash flow or monthly income. It will be made available from Jan 30. But, the best part is it comes with a Guaranteed return. Unbelievable?

The limit is RM5,000 and it can be bought through savings or investment loans from selected financial institutions, such as Maybank, CIMB, RHB and BSN. Investors would get a guaranteed RM134 monthly and for those who borrow, they only need to pay RM84 a month and still get RM50 in profit.

Too Good to be TRUE?

11 January 2012

Maybank 2012 Outlook & Issues: Tilt to Safety

2012 will be another volatile year, we expect, tracking closely headline news from abroad given unresolved macro conditions brought forth from 2011: high debts but low growth at the eurozone and US. Confidence continues to wane on a resolution to the debt crisis which is negative on sentiment and will destabilize growth.

We maintain our 2012 year-end KLCI target of 1,500 pts based on one standard deviation below mean on expectation of turbulence still at the external markets impacting sentiment and global growth. At the home front, it will be a year with potentially two major elections:
  1. an early 13th general elections (13GE) and
  2. UMNO party elections for the top posts in 4Q 2012, where the elected party president will helm the country’s premiership position
Air Pockets Ahead?

08 January 2012

RHB 2012 Market Outlook & Strategy: Another Challenging Year Ahead

As we head into 2012, a lot of uncertainty remains. On the external front, the euro-debt crisis remains unresolved despite five major attempts to stabilise it. Meanwhile, the economic conditions in the Eurozone are deteriorating rapidly with major indicators pointing to the region entering a recession. A deeper-than-expected recession in the Eurozone would leave few countries unscathed.

In particular, the US economy, which is still in low gear, will likely be severely impacted, while China may also be in for a more severe downturn as effects of potential policy easing will take time to filter down to the real economy.

Slower Eonomic Growth Envisaged For 2012?

02 January 2012

OSK 2012 Outlook: Be Nimble in the "Way of the Market"

OSK have a Neutral outlook on the Malaysian market going into 2012 as the combination of uncertain growth outlook in the US and Asia coupled with a possible recession in Europe cloud the prospects for strong earnings growth locally. While Malaysia is likely to avoid slipping into recession, the deficit reduction exercises undertaken by Eurozone economies may well tip their slow growing economies into a recession.

In any case, for Malaysia, OSK see earnings growth slipping to between mid single digits and low double digits, a pale shadow of what it was in 2006, 2007 and 2010 when earnings growth came in between 20 to 30%. Newsflow on developments surrounding the handling of sovereign debt in Europe and US will also likely to lead to volatile markets worldwide. As such, in the short term, we are faced with volatile markets which will likely give way to a dampened economic outlook. OSK advise investors stay cautious into mid 2012 and focus on Defensive sectors such as Consumer, Telco, Healthcare and Media. OSK's 2012 KLCI fair value is 1466 points based on a PER of 13.5x or 1 standard deviation below the historical average of 16.6x given the uncertain market conditions.

But, there are opportunities to TRADE?