30 May 2013

Update: Gold Price Outlook (May 2013)

Would you cut loss? Would you cost averaging? Or, would you accumulate at current level? These are a few questions from Gold investors since March 2013. What a difficult questions to answer... Here is our view on gold prices currently:

Our answer is to cost averaging or accumulate now, and hold it at least until September 2013. Why? Let's read on...

27 May 2013

Do YOU understand what is "Financial Planning"?

We can't deny that every one of us can't run away from financial matters, thus, planning it wisely would put you on a better path to achieve financial goals as desired. Does this called "financial planning"? Hmmm... Many people think that financial planning is for high-income earner and the rich. But is this true? If not, what is it actually?

Generally, financial planning is a journey to achieve financial goals set with a comprehensive and systematic step-by-step process. It involves taking a broad view of one's financial affairs covering many areas of wealth management.

What's Included in Financial Planning?

20 May 2013

EPF Rules on Nomination (MUST Read)

There is a chain email spreading about some EPF rules, that makes members worry such as below:

If ONE of your nominees in the EPF nominees list dies, automatically the whole arrangement (EPF Nominees list) is VOID. Meaning if, you only put in ONE name & unfortunately he/she dies before you? Automatically EPF will channel your EPF money to trustee of AMANAH RAYA upon your death.

Upon surrender to trustee of AMANAH RAYA, your children will have to battle the money through 3 channels;

  • Majlis Agama
  • Pejabat Tanah
  • Mahkamah

Is it TRUE ???

18 May 2013

New Fund: OSK-UOB Absolute Return Fund

With market continuously rotating between "risk-off" and "risk-on", an absolute return mandate with the adoption of a dynamic asset allocation approach would be a good vehicle to ride out the volatility. With the fixed income market having outperformed over the last 5 years, there is a high possibility that good quality equities - those with earnings growth and clarity supporting healthy dividend payouts would find favour.

This is a wholesale fund which aims to achieve medium to long term (3 - 7 years) capital appreciation through investments in equity and equity related securities of companies, and exchange traded funds with the potential to deliver total return in excess of the fund's benchmark return (8% growth per annum).

Investment Strategy

14 May 2013

A Malaysian Guide to Home Buying Fees & Charges

Like any other country, buying a house and taking a home loan / mortgage in Malaysia involve legal fees & charges - which many people fail to take into consideration especially when they’re buying a property for the very first time.
So to all Malaysians buying your dream houses right now, allow iMoney to show you ALL the fees and charges involved when you buy a house or apply for a home loan.

03 May 2013

13th General Election and the Property Market

General Election is coming. One of the hotly debated topic would be the escalating house prices and the needs to provide more affordable houses to Rakyat. In line with that, iProperty.com has done a survey on "The 13th General Elections and the property market" with 2275 Malaysians respondents. What did they said?

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Created by Iproperty MY, the number one website in Malaysia. Whether you have a house for sale or are looking to buy.

02 May 2013

3 Possible Election Outcome & Share Market Reaction

* Note: This is NOT a political post. Instead, we're talking about share market movement based on possible election outcome. Abusive comments are strictly prohibited and will be remove automatically.

Local investors have been staying sideline for months ago. Do you started to feel itchy now? Honestly, this is the feeling of mine as an investor, from being active to passive lately. I can't wait to start investing again in share market. However, we shouldn't simply jump in next Monday, right? Let's see the 3 possible election outcome and how market may react accordingly...

OUTCOME #1: BN retained power

01 May 2013

The 3rd Way of Shopping ?

Most probably you are reading this while shopping, waiting for your wife/girlfriend trying on a new dress or shoe? Congratulation... You're never be more relevant to read this article. Wait, what is the 3rd way?

1st way ---> Cash

2nd way ---> Credit Card
3rd way ---> ???

Introducing the NEW concept of shopping...