24 June 2021

SC and Bursa Malaysia comments on the statement made by Serba Dinamik Holdings Berhad (23 June 2021) And, the reply from the company...

Finance Malaysia team received a media statement from Bursa Malaysia just now, and judging by a series of coverage on the audit issue of Serba Dinamik by us recently, we have decided to publish it on our blog for the benefit of the share trading community here.

On top of that, we will publish the statement from the Securities Commission as well below... (And, Serba Dimamik's immediate reply to Bursa's query...)

Bursa Malaysia's media statement:

20 June 2021

Affordable advertising made easy with this company - Adwork

SMEs play an important role in fostering growth, employment, and national incomes not only in Malaysia but around the world as well. But, when it comes to advertising and promotions, SMEs are understandably rather hesitant. But the actual hesitance was never about advertising the product, but complexity in the media booking process and high cost involved.

This is a rather large problem, as advertising is simultaneously one of the most important activities for the growth and survival of SMEs, especially in today’s bustling marketplace.

The Solution is here...

With a simple and intuitive eCommerce website, Adwork allows each customer to customize their advertising options as they see fit. First, the customer keys in their budget range and their target demographic, before they are taken to a page with a list of potential advertising mediums and their accompanying prices. Once you’ve selected your media of choice, all that’s left is to upload the creative and make the payment online. Adwork also offers creative service for a small fee.

Can tell us more?

17 June 2021

pitchIN raises RM5.5 million from 322 investors through its own equity crowdfunding campaign

pitchIN, Malaysia’s leading ECF platform, has successfully concluded its first every fundraising exercise. At the end of its equity crowdfunding campaign on Leet Capital, pitchIN chose to accept RM5.5 million from 322 investors.

pitchIN CEO Sam Shafie is delighted with the response from investors. “I thank the investors for their support in making our deal one of the largest ECF campaigns ever in Malaysia. Our campaign target was RM5 million. The campaign ended up with around RM5.65 million raised. To not disappoint investors, pitchIN accepted all investors but returned some of the funds to keep our fundraising amount to RM5.5 million. We take this success as a vote of confidence in pitchIN as well as the prospects of the equity crowdfunding and digital investments industry. We are confident about the direction that we are taking. pitchIN is a fintech and the market opportunity is huge. There are over 900,000 SMEs in Malaysia alone. What we have done to date is just the beginning. pitchIN has lots of potential to unlock”

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02 June 2021

BNM: "Loan Repayment Assistance is Available for ALL"

MCO 3.0 >>> HELP is available for EVERYONE.

Banks are committed to make the Repayment Assistance process SIMPLE and EFFICIENT. To obtain this Repayment Assistance, borrowers can contact their respective banks and select their preferred loan repayment options.

Upon selection of your loan repayment options, your bank will process your selected repayment option within 5 calendar days for individual borrowers, and 14 calendar days for SME borrowers.

Let's have a look here:

Repayment Assistance Packages for Individuals