02 October 2016

[EPF-MIS] Revised Basic Savings Table and Calculation effective Jan 2017

Attention to all EPF members investment scheme (MIS) members, EPF has just announced that they will revised the basic savings threshold before a member can withdraw for investment purpose effective Jan 2017.

According to EPF, the basic savings refer to the amount that is considered sufficient to support members’ basic retirement needs for 20 years from age 55 to 75 aligned with the Malaysian life expectancy.

18 September 2016

Does ZIKA Virus being covered by your insurance company? (Sept 2016)

We can't 100% eliminate the risk of getting ZIKA virus, but the contagious virus infection is hitting right on our shore lately. Although only a few cases being reported in Malaysia as to date, we can't deny that the virus can spread very fast nationwide within a short span of time. Does your insurance cover you if we unfortunately infected by the virus?

The popular question in town...

08 September 2016

The Implications of Developer-cum-Financier !!! (Sept 2016)

Yeah. You see it right. Eligible developers can now apply for moneylenders licences to provide loan facilities of up to 100% to property buyers. The licence would be issued by the Urban Well-being, Housing and Local Government Ministry under the Money Lending Act 1951 (Amendment) 2011.

Developers providing housing loans???

04 September 2016

Be Money Smart And Avoid These Credit Card Scams!

Chances are if you’re reading this, you are one of the millions of credit card users in Malaysia. But did you know there are various credit card scams in Malaysia that you need to avoid at all costs?

Read on to find out more...

30 August 2016

Don't go to these 27 Maybank branches anymore after these dates... It's TRUE !!!

If you're a Maybank customer, then you should pay attention to this post. It could affect your daily dealings with the bank after these dates. As the largest banking group in Malaysia, is it in trouble financially to take such steps? Let's read on...

Why Closing Down?

08 August 2016

[EPF Account] Conventional vs Shariah

Today (08.08.2016) is the date of starting a new chapter for our retirement fund Employees Provident Fund (EPF) where members can start to register their applications for the Shariah account. To be eligible for Simpanan Shariah 2017, members must register their application by 23 December 2016 and subject to the availability of the RM100 billion fund.

Before making such an important move, let us understand the differences between conventional and Shariah account first.

07 August 2016

Why should you invest in these companies all because of "Pokemon Go" frenzy???

Yes. The 2016 world's most popular game - Pokemon Go - is here in Malaysia now. Are you one of them who register as one of the 'trainer'? It's addicted and it's the hottest topic of town where you can share and exchange conversations with anyone now, especially at PokeShop or PokeGym. (You will only know it if you're one of the trainers)

Well, it's here in Malaysia. So what? If you're playing the games, you should read this to earn back your 'cost'. If you're a share investor, you must read this. If you're not either of them, you can just ignore this.

Identifying the cost of playing...

23 July 2016

[Unit Trust] How to classified as Sophisticated Investors?

For unit trust investment, an investor must be a sophisticated investor before he/she is qualified to invest in a fund categorized as a wholesale fund under the guideline issued by the Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC).

With over 300 wholesale funds available in Malaysia worth over Rm 90 billion in total, we should have some understanding of it and you must know whether you qualify for it as well.

Check out the list below:

14 July 2016

Lower Interest Rate... Who is the Winner and Loser ??? (July 2016)

Surprisingly, Bank Negara Malaysia cuts the benchmark Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) by 25 basis point to 3% today amid challenging global outlook mainly due to BREXIT. Coincidentally, BNM is making OPR changes in the month of July again. And, this is the first OPR changes under new BNM governor.

Okay. Let's us know who will be the winner and loser during lower interest rate environment.

19 June 2016

Understanding SOCSO. And, NEW Rate of Contributions effective June 2016 ???

Are you a salary-based employee? Are you earning more than RM3,000 a month? Then, you should know the latest rate of contributions for SOCSO, because your net salary will be lesser and don't be surprised when you receive your paycheck by the end of this month onwards.

First of all, what is SOCSO ???

16 June 2016

8 Reasons Why BREXIT Should Not Happen !!!

Remember this date 23rd June 2016, when the United Kingdom will hold a referendum on its membership in the European Union. From an economic perspective, it is best for UK to remain in EU. Otherwise, unmitigated disaster will happen. Why?

Banks are leaving UK ???
Find out all the reasons below:

13 June 2016

New Fund: Affin Hwang Global Income Fund

The global interest rate has come to a new low in recent years, prompting investors searching for yields which may seem difficult to many of us. In view of this scenario, Affin Hwang rolled out their latest fund to give investors an opportunity to earn higher yield with its defensive strategies while protecting capital.

This new fund is designed for Sophisticated investors who seek income through investment in a portfolio of global fixed income instruments, have a medium to long-term investment horizon and have a moderate risk tolerance.

What's the strategy of the fund?

02 June 2016

New JPJ Vehicle Ownership Certificate? How about my current car certificate?

If you are a car owner or going to buy a new car, then you should be wary about this new changes by Road Transport Department (JPJ) starting this month June 2016.

In an effort to further streamline and broaden the usage of online services, as well as to make the future transaction easier and faster for the public, JPJ determined to change one of the most commonly related services that all of us engaging with.

11 May 2016

Why forcing me to change all my cards? All because of this symbol?

Many of us are being forced to change all of our credit cards starting this month. Why? It's all because of the new contactless feature as guided by Bank Negara Malaysia. Since we can't change the fact, then let us understanding what's the new feature?

All because of this symbol ???

01 May 2016

How to choose a Basic Credit Card that suits you Best ?

Choosing a credit card shouldn’t be a hard task. However, with hundreds of credit cards available in the market, it can become very complicated. There are several things that you should take into account while choosing a credit card, what kind of credit card user am I? Will I only use it occasionally? Do I prefer a low annual fee and low interest rate?

Considering that everyone would like to spend the lowest amount possible on a credit card, we’ll provide you some help with choosing a basic credit card. As only 6% of all credit cards available in Malaysia are considered basic credit cards, it can be very hard to find these on your own.

Below you’ll find a list of the 5 best basic credit cards available:-

28 April 2016

Why HIGHER Fixed Deposit Rate is a BAD news to you ???

Maybe due to the unfavourable market environment, many people are flocking to place their money in bank Fixed Deposit. Coupled with aggressive FD promotions dished by almost all the banks recently, it was like an "FD heaven" win-win situation for both banks and depositors.

Why "win-win" situation?
You must understand why banks are willing to offer you higher FD rate, especially during uncertain business environment currently. Obviously, it's all because lacking of money.

Why is this BAD news to some of us?

27 April 2016

New Fund: Global Dividend Fund by AmFunds Management Bhd

Dividend fund has always been the favourite of investors during high volatile market environment, just like what we are experiencing currently. The fund aims to provide income and long-term capital growth by investing in the Target Fund which invests in global equities.

Which is the Target Fund? And, how is the performance?

23 April 2016

What is EPF e-Pengeluaran for Education ??? (April 2016)

Being one of the most efficient government related department, Employees Provident Fund (EPF) announced another facilities called "e-Pengeluaran Education" to facilitate the withdrawal of money easily and conveniently online via EPF i-Akaun.

What are the types of EPF withdrawals available through e-Pengeluaran?

a. Buy/Build House
b. Reduce/redeem housing loan 
c. Housing loan monthly installment.
d. Education (New launched)
e. Health Withdrawal (Coming Soon)

The "5E" for your ease of dealing ?

08 April 2016

NEW 2016/2017 List of EPF Approved Funds. Does your fund being SUSPENDED ???

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has revised the list of unit trust funds approved under EPF members investment scheme (EPF MIS) for 2016/2017 period which was from 1 April 2016 till 31 March 2017.

The list of unit trust funds offered under the EPF MIS is evaluated annually based on the criteria established by the EPF and approved by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia. Any fund which falls below the minimum requirement will be suspended and will not be offered during the period.

24 March 2016

The End of the Chinese Miracle ???

Chinese market has been in the prime spot light ever since the first trading day of 2016 due to several reasons. And, as an investor, we can't ignore the fact that China is playing a crucial role in world's economy nowadays, and will becoming more important in 21st century. This is for sure. But, do you really understand China ???

With this, Financial Times has recently published a documentary video on this and it's worth to spend 15 minutes to watch it.

This video looks at China’s slowing economy and dwindling labour force and investigates how once upon a time one of the world’s most powerful and populous country’s has finally reached a critical new chapter in its history.

Watch the video here

Not enough?
You can find out much more in depth about China here (
click here)...

30 January 2016

[EPF Revised 2016 Contribution] 8% or 11% better ???

One of the much talked about topic of the day when our PM revising the 2016 Budget again just after 3 months from tabling it late last year, the EPF contribution of employees will be reduced by 3% to 8% (from current 11%).

The new revised rate which will take effect for the period between March 2016 till December 2017, was to put more money into your own pocket, and hoping that you will spend it to rejuvenate the half dead economy. By doing so, you're contributing to the economy and back to the coffer of government via GST.

What do you think ?

25 January 2016

[Maybank 2016 CNY Special] Wanna change new notes after banking hours? How about e-Ang Pow ?

Chinese New Year is around the corner. Are you still rushing and queuing at banks just to change new notes to prepare "ang pow"? Relax... With the advancement of technology, Maybank this year rolled out a series of CNY special treats with innovative banking experiences.

ATM also can change NEW notes ???
Yes. Hassle-free. You don't have to go to banks during banking hours purposely. Right now, you can just go these 88 locations nationwide to change for new RM10 and RM50 new notes. Please take note that the service is only available from 18 January till 9 February 2016. (it's still sad for me to change for smaller notes...)

A new way of sending Ang Pow... e-Ang Pow !!!

18 January 2016

NEW Fund: United Trigger Equity Fund

Want some investment which is very short term? And, can give you decent return? You should continue to read this newly launched fund by UOB Asset ManagementThe fund seeks to provide investors with capital appreciation and achieve the Trigger Level in the short term by investing in a portfolio of equities and equity-related securities.


17 January 2016

How To Save Up More Money For Christmas 2016 ???

It’s no fun being broke when the season to be jolly rolls around. So to avoid that from happening, let’s start organising Christmas plans earlier so your 2016 celebration can be a happy occasion ! Follow these easy ways below !

(Image Credit: www.comparehero.my)

Start Early
Set aside some money for Christmas now! Sure it may seem like Christmas is months away and but time flies and before you know it will be that time of the year again. If you don’t get started with sorting out your budget and finances, you won’t be feeling very merry when Christmas rolls around this year. So the first step to ensure you have more money for this year’s Christmas is to actually start setting aside some money and planning out your finances.

Have A Game Plan