17 January 2016

How To Save Up More Money For Christmas 2016 ???

It’s no fun being broke when the season to be jolly rolls around. So to avoid that from happening, let’s start organising Christmas plans earlier so your 2016 celebration can be a happy occasion ! Follow these easy ways below !

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Start Early
Set aside some money for Christmas now! Sure it may seem like Christmas is months away and but time flies and before you know it will be that time of the year again. If you don’t get started with sorting out your budget and finances, you won’t be feeling very merry when Christmas rolls around this year. So the first step to ensure you have more money for this year’s Christmas is to actually start setting aside some money and planning out your finances.

Have A Game Plan
Start making a list of who you want to get presents for and what you think they may like best. Then look out for deals or bargains on the items that you’re planning to buy throughout the year. This will also help you to avoid getting gifts on impulse which is dangerous and can be costly for you. Having a list will keep you focused and keep your spending in check. You should also check out this handy guide on great money saving gift ideas for Christmas to get some ideas.

Practice ‘A Gift A Month’
Once you set up the gift list, you can then plan out your shopping well in advance. Try out the a ‘gift a month’ approach where you buy one present per month to spread out your expenditures so that you won’t see a huge chunk of your money go out all in one go. Spreading out your Christmas shopping throughout the year instead just before Christmas can also help you to save and manage your money better.

Become A Bargain Hunter
Leaving all of your shopping just before the festive season may also cause you to miss out on great deals that are happening throughout the year. There are tons of online stores like Lazada, Zalora and Rakuten, so you can even shop from the comforts of home! So if you spot some of the gifts you want to buy available on sale, you should purchase them even if Christmas is months away because you can save time and money! However, do make sure you’re not buying gifts that may go bad or expire before Christmas gets here.

Optimise Your Shopping Rewards
Use your credit card right and it can be a great financial tool for you. This is because you can get cashback and rewards by using a credit card for your gift shopping and this can help to offset your expenditure. For example, you can use rewards points to get gift vouchers and use them when purchasing the gifts. But make sure you use the right credit card. More of this can be found in this website.

Why don’t you try out some of the suggestions above and you may just be surprised at the amount of money you still have at the end of the year! 

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