11 October 2020

RM3,000 is back - Geran Khas PRIHATIN (GKP) 2.0

After the first version of "Geran Khas PRIHATIN (GKP)" to all micro SMEs in April 2020, the Government in Sept 2020 has allocated an additional of RM10 billion Prihatin Supplementary Initiative Package (Kita Prihatin) in line with its efforts to boost economic recovery.

And, under this latest package, a total of RM600 million was allocated for Prihatin Special Grant (GKP) 2.0.

What is the definition of micro SME?
How to apply?
When is the payment?

06 October 2020

[IPO] MR.D.I.Y - Ten key points in knowing your Mr. Right?

MR.D.I.Y which opened its first store along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman in July 2005 and has now grown to become the largest home improvement retailer in the region with stores across Malaysia.

Nowadays, the company already become the preferred place to go for almost everything. (My kids like to go there to buy toys)

With ten categories — Hardware, Household, Electrical, Furnishing, Car Accessories, Stationery & Sports, Toys, Gifts, Computer & Mobile Accessories and Jewellery & Cosmetics — in each store, MR.DIY offers a wide selection of more than 16,600 types of products. Along major highways, you can't take your eyes off the billboard highlighting the company's motto of “ALWAYS LOW PRICES”.

Here you go the TEN key points:

29 September 2020

[Fintech] Funding Societies + Razer Fintech to support underserved MSMEs

Funding Societies Malaysia, the largest peer-to-peer (P2P) financing platform in the country and Southeast Asia, and Razer Fintech, the fintech arm of Razer and the region’s leading offline-to-online (O2O) digital payment network, has announced a
partnership to offer short-term business financing solutions for merchants under Razer Merchant Services (RMS).

The partnership is a reflection of both platforms’ mutual aim to empower Malaysia’s micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) with short-term financing to help expand their businesses, particularly extending their reach to 20,000 businesses under multiple segments including MSME retailers, F&B vendors and online sellers registered under the RMS platform.

How is the collaboration?

13 September 2020

New Normal with "Virtual" AGM or EGM

In April 2020, the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has issued a Guidance Note on the Conduct of General Meetings for Listed Issuers (Guidance Note) in which listed issuers shall conduct fully virtual general meetings during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

Since then, many listed companies were seen holding virtual AGM/EGM accordingly and this has benefited many retail shareholders like me. Why?

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29 August 2020

Sukuk Prihatin - Malaysia's first Digital Islamic Bond

With RMCO still lingering around, you may not be going out so often. Less spending leads to more spare cash on hand. Right? And, don't know how to utilize the spare cash?

And, you know that the bank fixed deposit rate is at an all-time low currently (which could possibly get lower) and searching for an alternative which is safe & short-term?

Of course, the interest rate must be reasonable lah...

Look over here...

* Tax-free return
* Tax-deductible if you choose to donate the principal amount


What is the purpose of this Sukuk?