14 February 2019

[Latest] How Was Malaysia Doing in 4Q 2018 ???

Today, yes during Valentine's Day, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) released its 4Q 2018 report to the general public. Fortunately, the result is above forecasts with the economy expanded at 4.7% in the fourth quarter of 2018 (Q4 2018), after two consecutive quarters of moderation earlier.

Read the Key Highlights here:

13 February 2019

What is EPF i-Saraan? With 15% Incentive?

Last year, EPF has introduced a scheme called Caruman Sukarela Insentif Persaraan (i-Saraan), designed to allow individuals with irregular monthly income or who are self-employed to save for their retirement while enjoying the same benefits as EPF members.

Why i-Saraan is Important in Malaysia?

Recently, the EPF revealed that out of Malaysia’s 22 million working-age population, 62% were self-employed, outside the formal labour force and not covered by any form of social protection. More and more people became freelancers, Grab drivers, commission-receiving agents, online business entrepreneur nowadays...

So, this scheme definitely is a very good initiative by the Government to ensure that this group of people able to achieve a certain level of savings upon reaching the retirement age. Forced saving is the best way to save up, but this was largely been neglected by this group of people all this. It could become a social problem in the future!

With this, hopefully it could reduce the number of senior citizens who are reliant on program allocations by the Society Welfare Department

15% Government Incentive?
Am I eligible to get it?

12 February 2019

Why You Must use this App, especially AirAsia traveller?

Calling all AirAsia travellers especially, if you don't know this new app, then you're in missing all the goodies due to the following reasons. Firstly, you should know the benefits of e-wallets. Secondly, you should know this e-wallet from AirAsia group called BigPay.

BigPay is the future of payments and money in Southeast Asia. It combined the convenience of a mobile app with the flexibility of a prepaid Mastercard® to allow you to save time and money to transact.

6 Advantages of using BigPay

01 February 2019

A New Way to Save Money in Gold ???

After a turbulent 2018, almost all equity markets (if not all) were in negative territory. So, coming to the year of 2019, how are you going to allocate your money? Equity again? Or, bond papers? And, more and more people are talking about gold investment now...

Why Save in Gold?

  1. Gold diversifies your savings
  2. Gold does not require large capital (huh? Really?)
  3. Gold is highly liquid (if you chose the right way...)
  4. Gold can be stored securely
  5. Gold is limited in nature
  6. Gold protects you from currencies crisis

Okay. Now we knew the benefits of saving in Gold. Next, in what way can we save in Gold? Well. Instead of the traditional way of buying physical gold and store it ourselves, one can starts saving via gold savings investment account or simply by a mobile app. 

Gold Saving Investment Account?

07 December 2018

A New Way of Transferring Money via DuitNow !!!

Remember this date, 8 December 2018, it will mark another milestone in the financial industry in Malaysia with the launching of DuitNow money transfer service. The new service was introduced to eliminate the below conversations between all banking users:

"Please give me your bank account details..."
"What's your bank account number again?"
"Which bank is your account? I forgot..."

Now, you don't have to ask your friends their lengthy bank account number anymore. With DuitNow, you can send money instantly on a 24/7 basis to mobile numbers, NRIC numbers or business registration numbers.

Send and receive funds instantly anytime, anywhere.

Instantly?Yes, because the name was 'Do-it-Now' actually.

How can I receive money using DuitNow?
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