28 April 2017

How to Identify it is a Money Game actually ??? Here are 6 of them...

Dubbed as the 'money game country' currently, Malaysia is famous again for the wrong reason. Why these kinds of money game schemes lingering around in Malaysia and attracted so many people to join? And, do we really know how to identify a so-called 'investment scheme' was actually a money game?

Why Malaysia ???

01 April 2017

RM1,000 PRS Youth Incentive (Enhanced version)... It's not April Fool !!!

Although today is April fool, we at Finance Malaysia here talking about this seriously REAL info which is too good to be true. Once again, it's true and let's read on. First, you must understand what is Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) here and then our previous post on PRS Youth Incentive. (Old version)

Enhanced Version with 100% *Guaranteed Return???

08 March 2017

2016 Personal Income Tax Relief... Figure out first before e-filing !!!

It's income tax season now, you can perform your e-filing or m-filing for YA2016. No worry. Finance Malaysia is here with you during these difficult times :)

Below shows the complete list of tax relief for your reference:

03 March 2017

JJPTR is a Scam??? (March 2017)

Requested by many of our readers and followers to write about this very popular JJPTR things, we finally put our pen down on it today due to the latest hoo-ha initiated by Bank Negara Malaysia's latest alert list. No doubt, JJPTR was listed on the alert list for public reference. Why?

Let's first understand a bit on the so-called "investment scheme". All investors are concerned about two things only - return and safety. Okay. We zoom into these two things specifically.

25 February 2017

DBKL Special Discount for Traffic Offenders... (4 Days Left Only!!!)

Once again, DBKL is giving a very special discounted rate for traffic offenders to settle their compounds. Again? Haha... Good things should come every year? Anyway, the offer period is until 28th Feb 2017.

For all unpaid traffic compounds from 2007 till 2011, the charge is only RM10 per compound, while those accrued from 2012 till 2014 is charged at RM20 per compound and those from 2015 to the present is RM30.

What if we still Don't pay?

02 February 2017

How to use our ‘Ang Pow’ money wisely?

It’s the festive season again and Malaysians are blessed with so many different celebrations from different religions and races. During celebrations like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year or Deepavali, it’s a tradition that we give and receive kind of ‘ang pow’. It’s a blessing. But, how we utilize the money given could make a different.

More or less, the money that we received can make our life different if we utilize it wisely. And, below options show us some of the wise ways to use our ‘ang pow’ money.
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