09 November 2018

[EPF-MIS] Revised Basic Savings Table effective Jan 2019

Attention to all EPF members investment scheme (MIS) members, once again, EPF has just announced that they will be revising the basic savings threshold before a member can withdraw for investment purpose effective Jan 2019.

Higher or Lower ???

Of course, it will be revised higher in view of rising inflation or the depreciation of our value of money. The new quantum for the Basic Savings in EPF Account 1 will be revised from RM228,000 (RM 950 per month for 20 years) to RM240,000 (RM1,000 per month for 20 years) at member’s age of 55 years old.

According to EPF, the basic savings refer to the amount that is considered sufficient to support members’ basic retirement needs for 20 years from age 55 to 75 aligned with the Malaysian life expectancy.

How much Higher ???

04 November 2018

[Budget 2019] You have to know these WINNERs and LOSERs !!!

It was suppose to be a national sacrifice” budget, but it turns out be a caring budget to take care the B40 targeted group while more prudent on the government expenditure. Prior to the tabling of Budget 2019 in Parliament last Friday, the markets reacted negatively in anticipation of a painful year ahead.

No more bad news = Good news ???

However, the reality, as it turned out, was not as taxing all because of the surprising RM 30billion special dividend to be given from Petronas. Effectively, this has lessen the need for deeper spending cuts and/or more punitive tax-raising initiatives. Thank you to Petronas, the national hero once again.

Let's have a summary of the potential winners and losers from this Budget 2019:

Budget 2019: Economic Highlights and Un-Budgeted Items?

From the recently announced Budget 2019 themed as 'Malaysia Wibawa, Ekonomi Dinamik, Rakyat Sejahtera', it will have 3 focus areas, and 12 main strategies to put the country back as an "Asian Tiger" again (hopefully), as what we enjoyed during 1990s until the Asian financial crisis.

Below is the 3 focus areas:

  • 1st : Implement institutional reforms
  • 2nd : Ensure people's well-being
  • 3rd : Nurture a culture of entrepreneurship

The very first budget announcement from the new government after 60 years of independence caught the eyes of the world, especially economists, to gauge the thinking of the new ruling coalition's future policies. Well, it was considered as an expansionary budget, although facing fiscal constraint, partly due to 1MDB scandal.

28 October 2018

Five Successful ECF Campaigns in Malaysia

According to the statistics from Securities Commission Malaysia (SC), Malaysia's equity crowdfunding (ECF) platform had raised a total of RM38.36 million since its inception in 2015 (until June 2018) through 40 campaigns.

Among the key take away from the statistic was:

  • 48% sought funding of RM500k and below
  • 60% of the issuer was technology-based companies
  • 72% of investors are below the age of 45

However, many investors don't have an idea of what sort of companies will be in an ECF platform and if you're curious to know some of them, we believe this article will help you to have a glimpse of them. Here you go...

21 October 2018

[ECF] Knowing all the SC approved ECF operators

After understanding how and why Equity Crowd Funding (ECF) existed nowadays (click here to read our previous ECF article), let's move on knowing all the approved ECF operators in Malaysia now.

Below is the intro of SC approved ECF operators (as at end Sept 2018):
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