22 August 2019

[Enhanced Version] Bank Negara Malaysia’s RM1 billion Fund for Affordable Homes (Aug 2019)

Bank Negara Malaysia wishes to announce enhancements to the RM1 billion Fund for Affordable Homes, which aims to help home buyers from the lower-income group to finance the purchase of their first homes.

The enhancement, which will take effect on 1 September 2019, involves the expansion of the eligibility criteria, as follows:

20 August 2019

EPF Launches i-Invest Online Platform

19 August 2019: The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) today announces that eligible members can now make an informed investment of unit trust funds offered by EPF-approved Fund Management Institutions (FMIs) through the self-service i-Invest online platform within the i-Akaun (Member) portal.

For members below 55 years old, the investment can be funded directly from the eligible portion of members’ savings under Account 1 with a sales charge ranging from zero to 0.5% of the transaction amount.

Enabling Unit Trust Investment Directly From EPF Account...

24 July 2019

IFA - One Stop Mobile Application Solution that Opens Up Top 10 Stock Exchanges

Are you a stock traders/investors?
Do you trade/invest in global shares?
Yes !!!

We're LOCAL investors, but we want GLOBAL exposure!

However, many of us (traders or investors) have been trading global stocks via various platforms including local securities firm, may face the problems as below:

Costly Transaction Fee?
Difficult to Access Global Stocks?
Trading Platform Not Licensed in Malaysia?

Let us introducing International Finance Asia (IFA), a foreign stock trading platform that allows access up to 10 major stock exchanges globally has announced that they are launching their product on 31 st July 2019 to the market and the company prepares for a massive expansion in ASEAN within the next one year amidst the expanding of economy in ASEAN.


16 July 2019

What is "Bursa Anywhere"?

Good news to all local share investors ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ 
The Bursa Anywhere mobile app has been launched! You can now access to your CDS Portfolio from your mobile device on-the-go - anywhere, anytime.


10 July 2019

[E-Wallet] Money-Back Guarantee by Touch'nGo eWallet?

In a recent study by Nielsen Malaysia on Malaysia’s shifting payment landscape, only 8% of Malaysians have adopted the use of e-wallets. Why? Withdrawing cash from bank ATM not risky? Using credit card not risky? Online banking transactions not risky?

One of the major reasons highlighted as a barrier to cashless adoption is that 46% of Malaysians are concerned about security measures and fraud risks related to digital payments.

What is Money-Back Guarantee?