09 November 2022

BNM’s Disaster Relief Facility (DRF) - Due to Floods

Is your business affected by floods? In case, the unfortunate flood event really happened to you affecting your business, hopefully, this initiative from BNM could lend you a hand...

To alleviate the financial burden of MSMEs affected by floods and enable them to resume their business operations.

Eligibility criteria:

02 November 2022

Companies and Businesses that can be Reinsured

Reinsurance companies in Malaysia provide solutions for a diverse range of clients to equip them with financial security against unforeseen and catastrophic events.

In order to do so, a reinsurance company must have underwriting, actuarial, and claims expertise to provide a variety of services such as Malaysian life reinsurance, agriculture reinsurance, and motor reinsurance.

What are some common types of reinsurance product lines? 😕

Read here...

30 October 2022

Revision of Air Miles Conversion Rate for Maybank Cards (effective 1 Sept 2022)

If you are one of the Maybank cardholders and using it frequently to accumulate points for redemption, then you should read this...

It's pretty normal for card issuers to revise their points redemption benefits over time, lowering the benefits by adjusting the conversion rate macam inflation rate.

Here you go...

Maybank wishes to inform you that effective 1 September 2022, the air miles conversion rate will be revised per the table below:

17 October 2022

How does Shopee's SPayLater charges you?

Dear Shopee users, you should read this. I scared that you simply click the button and it charges you without you knowing this. Huh? What's that? It sounds serious...

Of course lah, everything related to our hard earned money, we should act seriously. Objective: Make informed decision.

Okay, firstly, what's SPayLater?

12 October 2022

BNM to iPay88: "Please Beef Up your Security Measures!"

Following the completion of the independent forensic investigation, iPay88 has taken the necessary containment and rectification measures to address gaps that were identified.

In addition, BNM has also instructed iPay88 to undertake additional measures to further strengthen its cyber security controls and IT infrastructure. These measures are aimed at ensuring that similar incidents do not recur in the future and to safeguard against future threats.