02 June 2021

BNM: "Loan Repayment Assistance is Available for ALL"

MCO 3.0 >>> HELP is available for EVERYONE.

Banks are committed to make the Repayment Assistance process SIMPLE and EFFICIENT. To obtain this Repayment Assistance, borrowers can contact their respective banks and select their preferred loan repayment options.

Upon selection of your loan repayment options, your bank will process your selected repayment option within 5 calendar days for individual borrowers, and 14 calendar days for SME borrowers.

Let's have a look here:

Repayment Assistance Packages for Individuals

30 May 2021

Browse and Buy your Groceries Online at BELI by MyEG (with RM20 off coupon)

Online shopping is the new norm now, spurred by the pandemic lockdown. All of us can avoid going out, minimizing the risk of virus infection by ordering online and get your items delivered to your doorstep. One of the essential items that we need to re-stock is non-other than groceries.

What is BELI?

BELI is an e-commerce platform offering a range of groceries, fresh produce and everyday essentials. BELI aims to cater to the ever-growing demand for a better shopping solution of fresh groceries in Malaysia by providing quality products with on-time delivery to fit your everyday shopping needs.

By sourcing directly from local farmers and fishermen, NAK BELI ensures that only the highest quality, sustainably sourced and grown, produce and products are supplied to end customers in line with fair trade best practices and minimal food wastage. NAK BELI aims to put local, small-scale, sustainable farming back in the food ecosystem by sourcing from growers and communities to encourage a healthier diet and at the same time, ensure a steady income for the farmers.

Wait... BELI same with NAK BELI?

23 May 2021

How to get the RM150 e-wallet credit via eBelia Programme?

After addicted to the two previous similar e-wallet credit programmes namely, ePenjana and eTunai which offered cash disbursements via selected e-wallets of Boost, TNG eWallet and GrabPay, here we come with eBelia Programme.

However, this round is different! GrabPay is EXCLUDED !!!

What is eBELIA programme?
  • The eBelia programme is one of the initiatives announced under Budget 2021 which aims to help relieve the financial burden as well as promote cashless spending amongst Malaysian youths and full time Malaysian students at registered local institutions of higher learning.
  • This programme is expected to benefit approximately 2 million eligible Malaysians, with an allocation of RM300 million
  • Each recipient is eligible to claim e-wallet credit of RM150
  • The claim period for the eBelia credit is from 1 June 2021 to 22 July 2021 and the credit can be spent until 31 July 2021


22 May 2021

A Spooon Full ~ A Whole Food Manufacturer with 4’ principle

"Hi all, nice to meet you! My name is Sofia and I’m the Co-Founder of A Spooon Full. Yeap it is A Spooon Full with triple o in it. You might be guessing why I even need to emphasize on the triple o."
"The name derived, (yeap, I use derived where it is usually a mathematical term) from the way another co-founder work. My co-founder, Yvonne is an Accountant by practice as well as a math enthusiastic and a professional baker. Whatever she does in life has to be precisely measured and calculated. Including baking."

A Spooon Full, the name is an inspiration from one of the very famous baking or cooking tools, measuring spoon. It usually consists of 5 different sizes of spoon ranging from tsp to tbsp. And spooon stands for all the spoon we can get in a chuck of measuring spoon as well as my partner precise measurement all the time whenever she’s baking and cooking. On top of it, it also meant to be A Spooon Full of Love.

A Spooon Full is a Whole Food Manufacturer
What does this mean?

SparkFit - This pandemic-born startup helps you lose weight with workout that fits all your needs

Gaining weight in MCO? This pandemic-born startup helps you lose weight with workout that fits all your needs. 

Gym open, gym closed. Sports and outdoor activities are not allowed and now they are allowed. Covid-19 has made getting fit a little harder with all these uncertain guidelines. Interdistrict travel ban has restricted us to only nearby fitness facilities and Peloton is expensive. The worst of all, staying fit also becomes harder with most of us working from home, where snacks and evil fridges are just a few steps away. Houston, we have a problem.

Facing a similar issue? You are not alone. 

Launched in the time of pandemic 

Who would’ve thought launching a business during the pandemic is a wise decision? SparkFit did. At SparkFit, their goal is to help fitness trainers find more clients, and to help people find affordable, accessible and personalised fitness solutions. The sooner they enter the market, the more impact they can make to the fitness community. 

It all started from Rez, SparkFit’s co-founder. “I myself have had my own struggles with weight loss and getting in shape due to work. Finding a reliable, affordable and flexible personal trainer on the web is a nightmare. After deep diving into this, I knew this is worth pursuing and brings benefits to many of us,” says Rez. 

How SparkFit helps you lose weight?