Merdeka Month Special: 1st August – 31 Aug 2023

Merdeka Month Special: 1st August – 31 Aug 2023
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26 July 2015

The valuable lesson taught by GREECE... (For Malaysia...)

Ever since the beginning of the whole episode of the GREECE problem which caught the attention of the world, do you really know what's the root of the problem? Is it the people? Or, the lack of natural resources? Or, politicians?

Let's have a read here...

22 July 2015

What's Boutique Fund Manager ?

Good news to all young and talented fund managers in the country. Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC) further liberalize the capital market by introducing a new category of fund management license recently called "boutique fund management" license.

What's so exciting about it?

12 July 2015

Kenanga ASEAN Tactical Total Return Fund

Being a part of ASEAN, we living in Malaysia has seen the growth of the region for the past so many years. Would you like to participate in it? If yes, you should continue read on...

How good is ASEAN ???

03 July 2015

IKEA Malaysia Whatspp Survery? Phishing Scam?

Recently, there is a purported IKEA survey and contest which promises FREE IKEA gift card worth RM5,000 spreading across social media, particularly Whatsapp messaging application.

It's just another phishing scam survey?

New Fund: PB Dividend Builder Equity Fund

Dividend funds have been the favour of investors when uncertainty of markets take place. The current situation of the market is just like that.

What's the strategy of the fund?