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Merdeka Month Special: 1st August – 31 Aug 2023
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26 July 2015

The valuable lesson taught by GREECE... (For Malaysia...)

Ever since the beginning of the whole episode of the GREECE problem which caught the attention of the world, do you really know what's the root of the problem? Is it the people? Or, the lack of natural resources? Or, politicians?

Let's have a read here...

Yup. Many people are saying that the people there are lazy (working less hours) if compare to other European, yet they are enjoying the same quality of living or benefits like counterparts.

Then, many analysts said that the lack of natural resources resulting the GDP growth of the country being dampened. Currently, Greece's GDP is mostly based on their shipping business, tourism and production of fine wine and olive oil. But, this is not enough to generate sufficient tax revenue to cover the social benefits provided by government.

The root of the problem is this...

In order to continue enjoying the great lifestyle, Greece are "financing" it with borrowings from IMF and ECB. Why do so if Greece knows that they can't afford it? Who make the decision to do so?

Obviously, politicians or the empowered government was the one to blamed. Previous politician candidates are lauding the feel good election campaign by dishing out all the goodies and perks to win votes. Yes, they succeed eventually with the belief from voters. Yet, they created the bomb which exploded few years back, which until now still can't defuse it.

"It's always easy to give hopes to people, but it's hard to convince people to accept the reality."

Lesson Learn: We need politicians whom can govern our country properly, not those who can only simply give hopes and then went into troubles. Voters should not vote based on how much goodies they can get during election campaign. We should think rationally what's good for the country in the long run, not only during or after one election. In the end, who will suffers the most as experienced by Greece currently? It's the people...

Do you want Malaysia to be another Greece?

*** Disclaimer: NO political comments or feedback here. It's just a pure blog post for everyone to ponder. ***

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