12 July 2015

Kenanga ASEAN Tactical Total Return Fund

Being a part of ASEAN, we living in Malaysia has seen the growth of the region for the past so many years. Would you like to participate in it? If yes, you should continue read on...

How good is ASEAN ???
ASEAN is a dynamic, fast growing group of economies. The ASEAN nations are committed to regional economic integration by 2015, in the form of the ASEAN Economic Community - a trade bloc that envisions transforming ASEAN into an economic entity with free movement of goods, services, investment and skilled labour, with a freer flow of capital.

Investing in the fund offers investor geographical diversification whilst leveraging on the growth potential of ASEAN as an economic community.

The fund is suitable for investors who are seeking long-term capital growth on the amount invested, who are willing to accept equity risk to obtain potentially higher returns and who want to have investments in the ASEAN region.

What can this fund offering you?

Click here to download the fund prospectus.

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