30 May 2011

Bursa Malaysia: e-Share Payment

Do you know that Malaysia now has two types of dividend? In default, listed companies are giving away dividend in cash. But, this kind of scenario has been changed, whereby shareholders are sometimes are given the "share-dividend" instead. Maybank rocks the market last year by purposing a share-dividend plan, in contrary to the usual cash dividend. Then, few listed companies are following the latest trend. Here, let us know more about scheme.

Similar to eDividend, one of the main objectives of implementing e-Share Payment is to promote greater efficiency of the payment system which is aligned to the national agenda of migrating to electronic payment.

What is e-Share Payment?

26 May 2011

New Fund: AmAdvantage Brazil

If you are a football fans, sure you know at least a bit about Brazil - the country of football. Almost everyone in Brazil knows football, male or female. Brazil is going to host the FIFA World Cup. But, did you know that Brazil is one of the top emerging markets in the world currently. BRIC, which comprise of Brazil, Russia, India and China is the main growth engine of the world now. Do you want to invest in the mighty Brazil? This is the only fund available in the market that invest directly and solely in Brazil. Let's check this out.

AmAdvantage Brazil fund is managed by AmInvestment Services Berhad. This is a feeder fund, which will invest a minimum of 95% of Fund's NAV into the HSBC Global Investment Funds-Brazil Equity (Target Fund), a sub-fund of the HSBC Global Investment Funds domiciled in Luxembourg.

24 May 2011

Government to increase electricity tariff? And, RON95 price? (24 May 2011)

Before Government making the decision on two of the most important necessity of Rakyat, let us make a guess first. I know this would be a hot debate on whether Government should increase the electricity tariff and RON95 petrol price. Actually, both are linked closely with crude oil - the black GOLD.

Electricity Tariff

23 May 2011

New IPO: UOA Development Berhad

Being one of the most established developer in Klang Valley, UOAD is going to be a darling property stocks for investors once listed. The strong "UOA" brand name as a developer of high end residential and commercial properties, makes it stands out from its competitors.

What's so interesting about UOAD?
Based on the IPO price of RM2.90 per share, the company is listing with a market capitalization of RM3.5bn, which eventually will place UOAD to be the 4th largest property company in Bursa Malaysia. The top 3 are UEMLand, SP Setia and IJMLand.

20 May 2011

New Fund: OSK-UOB Multi-Asset Recovery Strategy Fund

With the ongoing global economic recovery and the various opportunities created from the vast stimulus packages put forth by governments around the world, we are currently witnessing differing levels of economic expansion across all economies. And different asset classes such as equities, bonds, commodities, currencies and cash perform differently under different stages of economic expansion.

Hence, OSK-UOB now offer investors a fund that will capitalize on the potential opportunities arising from the different market conditions resulting from this economic expansion phase by dynamically investing in multi-asset classes that are expected to do well in specific market conditions.

18 May 2011

New Fund: Am-Mateen Asia Pacific Equity Fund

Launched on 5th May 2011, AmIslamic Funds Management Sdn Bhd presented to investors an opportunity to participate in the growing Asia Pacific region and also investing according to Shariah principles.

The Fund is a Shariah compliant equity fund that seeks to grow the value of investments over the medium to long term by investing in listed equities, equity related investments and other approved instruments across Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) that conforms to the Shariah investment guidelines.


16 May 2011

3 Hints given by BNM (16 May 2011)

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) hiked the OPR by 25bps to 3% on 5 May as what some analysts said "Surprising". The OPR hike was a pre-emptive strike on inflation pressures as the output gap closes. Many analysts are expecting hikes to resume only in July as inflation remains largely supply side driven. However, BNM seems to act before demand pull pressures dominate and before the output gap turns positive. In our view, the OPR and SRR hike is indicating two things here.

10 May 2011

Insurance: New Bank Negara ruling to impact claims ratio? (10 May 2011)

Now, every cars can get covered...
RHB Research:
Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) announced last week that effective immediately, members of the public will be able to obtain motor cover from all general insurers and their branches as well as at Pos Malaysia and its branches nationwide. All general insurers are committed to provide motor cover to all motorists including the "displaced vehicles" which generally comprise private vehicles exceeding 10 years old and motorcycles currently underwritten by the Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool (MMIP).
Obligation to provide cover with NO excessive loading

09 May 2011

OSK Stock Picks for May 2011

The KLCI lagged the region in April as it suffered from the fallout ahead of the Sarawak state elections. With that behind us, OSK see the market recovering in May as they believe the 1Q2011 will at least meet downbeat expectations after the past 4 quarters of disappointments. With the potential for reasonable results, we believe the market will shift back to fundamentals and look back at Big Caps.

KLCI was a laggard
With the KLCI recording a total return of -0.25% in April, Malaysia's standing YTD slipped significantly to being the 4th worst performing market from being the 4th best. As mentioned earlier, the key drag on the Malaysian market was the Sarawak state elections. While the market had put in some gains ahead of the Invest Malaysia conference on 12 and 13 March, by these dates concerns that the incumbent Barisan Nasional would fare below expectations in the state elections led to significant profit taking in the Malaysian market. Towards month end, with the BN retaining its two thirds majority in Sarawak, there was a modest recovery given continued strength in global markets.

OSK: Total Returns year-to-date

04 May 2011

After Obama K.O Osama...

In fact, this year's Labor's Day is marred with some terrorist-related news. First, UN successfully bombarded a key area of Libya's dictator Qaddafi, killing his son and injuring scores of his followers and relatives. Then, US troops was successfully and secretly raid the most notorious terrorist leader, Osama bin Laden. The whole raiding process was witnessed by Obama and his key personnel in white house. After several minutes of heart-beating attempts, Obama made an historic announcement on Labor's Day: "Today and finally, we defeated Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the 9/11 terrorist attack. We had done the DNA on the body, and it was Osama."

Why Obama, and not Bush?

01 May 2011

Interviewing Catwalk Guru Benjamin Toong

After interviewing Amber Chia, the Malaysia born international supermodel, this is the second episode. For those who missed the interview, please read "Interviewing International Supermodel Amber Chia" dated 11 April 2011. In conjunction with this, Finance Malaysia Blog continue to highlight some of those successful Malaysian. We strive to bring out the hidden success story of Malaysian, and we are proud to present to you Catwalk guru - Benjamin Toong.

Some profile of Benjamin Toong:
  • Founder of Runway Productions
  • Crowned as the catwalk guru of Malaysia in year 2010
  • 3 years experience in runway training, fashion stylist and runway choreographers
  • Fashion stylist for local and international fashion magazines
  • Judge and Professional Runway Trainer for Ford model Supermodel of the world Malaysia 2009
  • Official stylist of Jiayu Astro CH304
  • Co-founder of AmberChia Academy

The Interview