26 May 2011

New Fund: AmAdvantage Brazil

If you are a football fans, sure you know at least a bit about Brazil - the country of football. Almost everyone in Brazil knows football, male or female. Brazil is going to host the FIFA World Cup. But, did you know that Brazil is one of the top emerging markets in the world currently. BRIC, which comprise of Brazil, Russia, India and China is the main growth engine of the world now. Do you want to invest in the mighty Brazil? This is the only fund available in the market that invest directly and solely in Brazil. Let's check this out.

AmAdvantage Brazil fund is managed by AmInvestment Services Berhad. This is a feeder fund, which will invest a minimum of 95% of Fund's NAV into the HSBC Global Investment Funds-Brazil Equity (Target Fund), a sub-fund of the HSBC Global Investment Funds domiciled in Luxembourg.

The fund is suitable for an investor seeking:
  • Long Term capital growth on their investment,
  • Participation in the upside potential of the Brazilian market,
  • Medium to High risk investment vehicle.

The Target Fund:
It was launched on 22 December 2004 and the total fund size is USD 3.08billion as at 30 October 2010.

The Investment Manager will not, in response to adverse market and other conditions, take temporary defensive positions that are inconsistent with the Fund's investment strategy. This implies that this is a passive fund which mirrors the performance of the Target Fund.

This means that any temporary defensive positions taken in response to adverse market conditions, if any, will be taken at the Target Fund level.

As such, investors need to monitor the Fund's performance to exercise their own discretion on whether to redeem from the Fund.

Source: AmMutual

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