01 May 2011

Interviewing Catwalk Guru Benjamin Toong

After interviewing Amber Chia, the Malaysia born international supermodel, this is the second episode. For those who missed the interview, please read "Interviewing International Supermodel Amber Chia" dated 11 April 2011. In conjunction with this, Finance Malaysia Blog continue to highlight some of those successful Malaysian. We strive to bring out the hidden success story of Malaysian, and we are proud to present to you Catwalk guru - Benjamin Toong.

Some profile of Benjamin Toong:
  • Founder of Runway Productions
  • Crowned as the catwalk guru of Malaysia in year 2010
  • 3 years experience in runway training, fashion stylist and runway choreographers
  • Fashion stylist for local and international fashion magazines
  • Judge and Professional Runway Trainer for Ford model Supermodel of the world Malaysia 2009
  • Official stylist of Jiayu Astro CH304
  • Co-founder of AmberChia Academy

The Interview
  1. In Malaysia, many people perceived that modelling is of western culture. Can you tell us HOW and WHY you ventured into modelling industry?
    • First of all, I would not consider modelling as a western culture. Being a good model, you need to be very disciplined! Any model that want to be at the top in the industry need to be very discipline in ALL aspects (stressed Ben again).
    • How? Well, it all started when I first helped out my designer friend to arrange for a big fashion show for ONE UTAMA fashion week many years ago and realized that models at that time are not really so well trained and that comes with the following question
    • Why? Oh, first and foremost of course I love this industry, and my passion in modelling industry is indescribably and I wanted to see every model that call themselves professional models are doing a great job on the runway.

    • Action: Catwalk guru on Runway
  2. What is your advice to those aspirant future model who want to succeed? Are there any secret for them?
    • If you really want it, GO FOR IT! To be at the top, nothing is better than to be a good disciplined model. If you think you are gorgeous, tall, great body, there are many out there much more better than you. But if you have a good attitude, then everyone will remember you and will happily keep on working with you! The secret is "to be discipline in everything you do"!

  3. Beside modelling, what's your hobby during your spare time?
    • My hobby is exercising whenever I have the time as I need to keep in a good shape to tell others to stay healthy and stay in good shape. My other hobbies are listening to music and watching fashion shows as I need to keep myself updated with current fashion and music.
    • Benjamin with his high heels
  4. On money matters, do you personally invest?
    • I invest a lot on high heels. (laughing...) I am not good in investment, but I have a few houses, a car, and an academy.
Although Benjamin said that he is not good at investment, but judging from his asset (few houses), Finance Malaysia believes he must be joking. Hahaha. For sure, his investment into his own business is his best investment already.

Dear readers, seriously insert the golden word of Benjamin into your soul - "Discipline". As such, we thanks Benjamin Toong for his time spent. We wish him healthy and wealthy (can buy more 7-inch high heels?).

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