29 April 2017

Car Insurance is NOT the same starting July 2017... Good or Bad ???

From July 1 onwards, the premium rates for motor comprehensive insurance will be liberalized where premium pricing will be determined by respective insurers and takaful operators. In summary, it's based on flexible pricing mechanism.

The aim of the liberalization was to gradually move the tariff towards pricing that was more equitable to take into account broader risk factors and reduce cross-subsidisation across business classes and risk groups.

Current Calculation of Premium

Sum assured based on model of vehicle

+ Loading such as driver's age (if any)
+ Additional Benefits (etc. windscreen, flood...)
- No Claim Discount (NCD) of up to 55%

What are the factors included in determining the premium?

28 April 2017

How to Identify it is a Money Game actually ??? Here are 6 of them...

Dubbed as the 'money game country' currently, Malaysia is famous again for the wrong reason. Why these kinds of money game schemes lingering around in Malaysia and attracted so many people to join? And, do we really know how to identify a so-called 'investment scheme' was actually a money game?

Why Malaysia ???

01 April 2017

RM1,000 PRS Youth Incentive (Enhanced version)... It's not April Fool !!!

Although today is April fool, we at Finance Malaysia here talking about this seriously REAL info which is too good to be true. Once again, it's true and let's read on. First, you must understand what is Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) here and then our previous post on PRS Youth Incentive. (Old version)

Enhanced Version with 100% *Guaranteed Return???