31 May 2022

SC Exposes the Modus Operandi of Clone Firms and here you go...

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) today disclosed the findings of its investigation into 10 clone firm scams, to arm investors with greater awareness on the modus operandi of these scams in order to spot and avoid them.

What is a Clone Firm Scam?

Clone firm scams are generally companies that fraudulently impersonate a legitimate or a licensed entity, including misusing the name and logo of a public listed company (PLC), corporate credentials and website, to dupe investors and solicit funds.

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Oh right.
What is the modus operandi of those scams?

18 May 2022

Malaysia’s first-ever contactless ATM cash withdrawal service offered by Maybank

"Other than cash money, I don't want to touch anything else!" 😁

If you're this type of person, good news to you. Haha. Maybank has added yet another pioneering service in its digital bank offering by introducing the first-ever contactless ATM cash withdrawal service in Malaysia.

Customers can use this service at some 1,000 ATMs, which will indicate the availability of the contactless cash withdrawal service at the machine. Eventually, this service will be made available at all Maybank-owned ATMs.

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08 May 2022

Background Check on all the Winners of Malaysia’s Digital Banking Licenses

After we've written about the anticipated BNM announcement on Digital Bank license winners, many are curious & wondering why the hottest candidate Grab's name was not on the list?

What? Leading fintech/superapp company Grab is not one of the winners in getting the digital bank license in Malaysia? No worry... Hold on...

In this article, we will be highlighting the company background of all the FIVE digital bank winners (groups/consortiums).

Out of the 5 winning consortiums, 3 of them are majority-owned by
Malaysians, namely Boost Holdings + RHB Bank Berhad; Sea Limited + YTL Digital Capital; and KAF Investment Bank.

For more details, here you go...