18 May 2022

Malaysia’s first-ever contactless ATM cash withdrawal service offered by Maybank

"Other than cash money, I don't want to touch anything else!" 😁

If you're this type of person, good news to you. Haha. Maybank has added yet another pioneering service in its digital bank offering by introducing the first-ever contactless ATM cash withdrawal service in Malaysia.

Customers can use this service at some 1,000 ATMs, which will indicate the availability of the contactless cash withdrawal service at the machine. Eventually, this service will be made available at all Maybank-owned ATMs.

How do I get started?
You will first need to activate the feature on your MAE app. There will be a 24-hour cooling-off period for security checks before you can start using it. Upon successful activation, you will receive an SMS and push notification.

A step-by-step guide to activating ATM Cash-out:
  1. Launch your MAE app
  2. Tap ‘ATM Cash-out’ displayed in Quick Actions. If ‘ATM Cash-out’ is not shown in Quick Actions, tap ‘Manage’ in Quick Actions and replace one of your Top Actions with ‘ATM Cash-out
  3. Enter your M2U credentials
  4. Read the terms & conditions and tap ‘Proceed
  5. Complete the OTP verification and you’re done
Alternatively, you can tap ‘More’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Maybank2u’ > Log in > tap on ‘ATM Cash-out’ to activate the feature.

Any Maybank ATM cardholder can download the MAE app and register for this new service. A step-by-step guide on Maybank’s contactless ATM cash withdrawal service can be viewed here:

One limit for all your withdrawals
  • There is no need to keep track of different limits, as all your money withdrawals via ATM card and ATM Cash-out count towards your existing daily limit.
  • No additional charges will be incurred for using ATM cash-out.

Example of QR code displayed on the ATM screen

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use ATM Cash-out?
All existing Maybank ATM cardholders who are also MAE app users

This ATM Cash-out safe or not ohhhh?
Yes, authorisation is required for you to activate and make withdrawals using ATM Cash-out:
  • For activation: M2U credentials is required
  • For withdrawals of RM1,000 and below: biometric or 6-digit app PIN is required
  • For withdrawals above RM1,000: biometric or 6-digit app PIN and Secure2u approvals are required
Can I scan the QR code displayed on the ATM using my M2U app?
No, ATM Cash-out is only available on the MAE app. M2U and MAE app is two different apps ya. Take note.

Not an MAE user yet?
  1. Download the "MAE by Maybank2u" app. PlayStore / AppStore / Huawei Gallery.
  2. Use Referral Code: YKH0327
  3. Enjoy! 😍

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