16 December 2020

BigPay card is changing to red? BigPay got a new Premium card?

BigPay card is changing to RED color? (Why? Because AirAsia is red in color?)
BigPay got a new premium card to selected users? (Why? Because Grab got premium card?)

Wait... Are you sure?
Please read on...

Recently, BigPay teams have discovered that scammers and fraudsters are using new ways to trick BigPay users for their OTP and money.

Huh? How?

05 December 2020

New Digital Banks in Singapore

On 4 December 2020, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced four successful digital bank applicants. This is a much-awaited announcement which the financial industry has been watching for months.

Congratulations to these 4 successful applicants below

It will be separated into two categories of licenses. And, the applicants selected for the award of banking licences to operate digital banks are as follows: