07 February 2010

How Tiger fare in 2010?

Approaching the end of “Bull” year for Chinese, the year of “Tiger” is coming. In 2009, the year of Bull basically associated with a 360 degree turning of global share market. The Bull had knocked down the Bear, winning all the way till now. However, the Bull will be ending on 13th February 2010 in Chinese calendar. Meaning, the Bull-run would end soon?

2010 not necessary a bad year because Tiger was not a Bear.
After charging ahead for almost a year, the Bull of 2009 deserved to take a rest.

After talking about the economic terms of Tiger, how about our beloved golfer Tiger Woods? Let’s have a fun prediction of his life in 2010…

In Chinese Astrology, the year of Tiger is associating with Wood. However, it lacks Water as a very important element to makes things happen. If you refer back to Tiger Woods’ story, Water here means women, Wood mean golf wedge. So, can you relate this information?

In other words, Tiger Woods will only stick to his golf wedge without actions this year, if there is no woman supporting him behind. Or, do you have any other ideas?