24 December 2017

How to apply ADAM50 for your baby born in 2018 - 2022 ???

When we have free things from Government, don't miss the chance to grab it. All you need to do is knowing how to apply for it. Right? In this article, we wrote about how to apply for the latest ADAM50 scheme introduced by Government during the 2018 Budget announcement.

What is ADAM50 actually ???
It stands for 'Amanah Dana Anak Malaysia 2050' which was introduced by the government with the co-operation with Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB), for all Malaysian baby born in the period of 1 Jan 2018 until 31 Dec 2022. The objective is to encourage parents to kick-start the saving/investment habit since born, with the help of some free incentive units as the initial investment amount.

How much incentive from Government ???