28 April 2016

Why HIGHER Fixed Deposit Rate is a BAD news to you ???

Maybe due to the unfavourable market environment, many people are flocking to place their money in bank Fixed Deposit. Coupled with aggressive FD promotions dished by almost all the banks recently, it was like an "FD heaven" win-win situation for both banks and depositors.

Why "win-win" situation?
You must understand why banks are willing to offer you higher FD rate, especially during uncertain business environment currently. Obviously, it's all because lacking of money.

Why is this BAD news to some of us?

27 April 2016

New Fund: Global Dividend Fund by AmFunds Management Bhd

Dividend fund has always been the favourite of investors during high volatile market environment, just like what we are experiencing currently. The fund aims to provide income and long-term capital growth by investing in the Target Fund which invests in global equities.

Which is the Target Fund? And, how is the performance?

23 April 2016

What is EPF e-Pengeluaran for Education ??? (April 2016)

Being one of the most efficient government related department, Employees Provident Fund (EPF) announced another facilities called "e-Pengeluaran Education" to facilitate the withdrawal of money easily and conveniently online via EPF i-Akaun.

What are the types of EPF withdrawals available through e-Pengeluaran?

a. Buy/Build House
b. Reduce/redeem housing loan 
c. Housing loan monthly installment.
d. Education (New launched)
e. Health Withdrawal (Coming Soon)

The "5E" for your ease of dealing ?

08 April 2016

NEW 2016/2017 List of EPF Approved Funds. Does your fund being SUSPENDED ???

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has revised the list of unit trust funds approved under EPF members investment scheme (EPF MIS) for 2016/2017 period which was from 1 April 2016 till 31 March 2017.

The list of unit trust funds offered under the EPF MIS is evaluated annually based on the criteria established by the EPF and approved by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia. Any fund which falls below the minimum requirement will be suspended and will not be offered during the period.