31 May 2020

[HP Loan Moratorium] You have to act now, and here is the guide for different banks !!!

Still on this topic to follow up with the announcement by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) on the sudden change of procedures on hire-purchase loans (car loans). Yes. You have to 'act' and 'reply', if you want to opt-in to defer your hire purchase loan.

If you missed out on our previous posts on this same topic, here you go:
  • A Big U-Turn on Moratorium for Hire-Purchase Loans? (30 April 2020) (click here to read)
  • FAQs on Hire-Purchase and Fixed Rate Islamic Financing Products (1st May 2020) (click here to read)

A quick recap:

Traders Fair&Gala Night 2021 - Your way to financial literacy and trading experience

(Info Sharing)

Traders Fair&Gala Night - Malaysia is an amazing opportunity to meet and take seminars from the most experienced traders, financial analytics and investment gurus. We'll connect you with the most experienced and popular speakers and you are welcome to ask questions and to demonstrate real-life cases.

Kuala Lumpur, the economic heart of Malaysia, is ready to welcome everybody who is interested in the financial area at the third Traders Fair&Gala Night-Malaysia on March 27, 2021. 

We are happy to announce our key speakers:

26 May 2020

The 6 Reasons explaining why did Bursa Rally despite the Looming Recession

Just as curious as you did, most investors are scratching their heads now. If you're the one who cut your stock holdings in mid-March, and by keeping more cash on hands, waiting for better timing to re-enter the market again, then you must continue to read on.

When writing this, the global stock market has just had an amazing rally in April & May despite a looming recession ahead. Do you feel puzzled and frustrated by this?

Here, we pointed out the 6 reasons that spark-off the current rally:

24 May 2020

[Update] Eligibility Broadened for Covid-19 Test Fund (CTF)

The eligibility criteria for the RM8 million Covid-19 Test Fund (CTF), jointly set up by LIAM, PIAM, and MTA has been broadened to include Emergency and Semi Emergency cases. (The fund size has been increased to RM10 million in May 2021)

Policyholders/certificate holders with medical and health insurance are now entitled to reimbursement of up to RM300 from the CTF if they are required to undergo the COVID-19 screening before their emergency or semi-emergency surgeries.

What is the definition of emergency & semi-emergency?

21 May 2020

eToro was added to SC Alert List !!!

Following the much-hyped of the legality of an investment platform in Malaysia, today there is the latest movement from the local regulator.

Here is the move:

01 May 2020

RM3,000 Special Grant to Micro SMEs. How to apply?

As announced in early April 2020, an enhanced Prihatin Plus (Pakej Prihatin PKS Tambahan) package was dished out to help our small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). And, one of the packages is the "Geran Khas PRIHATIN (GKP)" to all micro SMEs.

What is the definition of micro SME?
How to apply?
When is the payment?

Who is eligible to apply?

FAQs on Hire-Purchase and Fixed Rate Islamic Financing Products (1st May 2020)

Hopefully, this latest FAQs from Bank Negara Malaysia could clear your doubts on the confusion since yesterday.

It was previously announced that the 6-month payment deferment for Hire Purchase (HP) and fixed-rate Islamic financing is automaticHas there been a reversal in this decision?