24 May 2020

[Update] Eligibility Broadened for Covid-19 Test Fund (CTF)

The eligibility criteria for the RM8 million Covid-19 Test Fund (CTF), jointly set up by LIAM, PIAM, and MTA has been broadened to include Emergency and Semi Emergency cases. (The fund size has been increased to RM10 million in May 2021)

Policyholders/certificate holders with medical and health insurance are now entitled to reimbursement of up to RM300 from the CTF if they are required to undergo the COVID-19 screening before their emergency or semi-emergency surgeries.

What is the definition of emergency & semi-emergency?

The definition of eligible emergency and semi-emergency cases will be based on the following:
  • Emergency means a situation where a patient requires immediate and life-saving intervention.
  • Semi-Emergency means a high-risk patient whose condition could easily deteriorate or who presents with symptoms of a condition requiring time-sensitive treatment.

This will apply to emergency and semi-emergency surgeries conducted from NOW until 30 June 2021 or earlier, if the fund is fully utilized.

However, they are NOT entitled to claim from the CTF if they are undergoing elective surgery.

This is applicable to Malaysians and non-Malaysians residing in Malaysia but not applicable to foreign workers under the Foreign Worker Hospitalisation Scheme. Meantime, the policy/certificate benefit limit will not be reduced by claiming from the CTF.

<<< Update >>>

Under the newly expanded CTF eligibility, Persons Under Investigation (PUI) and any asymptomatic policy/certificate holder is entitled to claim as follows:

The newly expanded CTF eligibility

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