27 October 2013

Budget 2014: Property Sector Hit Hard by RPGT and DIBS ruling

As widely expected, property sector would be one of the hardest hit sector in view of the proposed cooling measures to be imposed. Out of the 3 tightening rules forecast by Finance Malaysia, 2 already Bingo! (Read our previous articles regarding property sector "3 Tighter Rules for Property Sector?" and "3 Critical Factors to watch out by Year End")

These cooling measures announced highlighting that government will not hesitate to curb property speculations and to ensure a affordable property prices. Of course, property developers will be the one screaming painfully.

The 3 Key Measures:

25 October 2013

Budget 2014: Good to have GST ?

Definitely, one of the hottest debate in Budget 2014 would be the implementation of 6% Goods and Services Tax (GST) starting April 2015. Although it was opposed strongly by opposition parties, government pushed ahead with its implementation emphasizing GST as a "fair and comprehensive" tax as the current tax system has many weaknesses.

Why GST is a MUST ?

21 October 2013

Money Management Concept of 70s, 80s, 90s

When come to money matters, different generations have their own thinking. Before reading on, please listen to your heart deep down inside, what is your thinking? Hahaaa.... Bingo? Let's see...

70s: Saving

07 October 2013

UnTold EPF RM2500 Death Benefit?

Lately, there is a chain email spreading across social media regarding EPF Death Benefit as below:
" ATTENTION to everyone who has an EPF account !!! No matter how old are you, no matter how long you have held your EPF account, no matter how much money you have in you EPF account, and matter how long you have paid for your EPF, according to Government Law, EPF will need to pay RM 2500 to an EPF account holder's family when he/she died (family members need to claim the RM 2500 within 2 months). EPF never inform us about this, I reckon very few people's family did actually receive this RM 2500 when his/her family member died because not many people know about this. Where did this RM 2500 goes when the died's family did not claim for RM 2500? Someone's pocket ??? We don't know! So please bombarded this info to all your families, relatives, colleagues and friends, let them know about this info and remember to claim RM 2500 when his/her family die. Don't let this RM 2500 goes to someone's pocket !!! "
Is this true? Below is the respond from EPF: