25 October 2013

Budget 2014: Good to have GST ?

Definitely, one of the hottest debate in Budget 2014 would be the implementation of 6% Goods and Services Tax (GST) starting April 2015. Although it was opposed strongly by opposition parties, government pushed ahead with its implementation emphasizing GST as a "fair and comprehensive" tax as the current tax system has many weaknesses.

Why GST is a MUST ?
Without you realizing, our current tax system has many loopholes whereby many people do not fulfill their responsibilities as a taxpayer. They tends to under-stated their real income, paying less tax than they should, or even worse... none. However, under the GST system, everyone will be taxed every time you spend.

And, if you're paying tax now, you should be happier. Why? Simply because government have a wider tax revenue now with GST because everyone is paying tax. Wouldn't it better?

Why April 2015 ?
Instead of Jan 2015 (expected date), government now has more time to explain and educate the public on GST. In other words, government is playing it safe, "buying time" to minimize the misunderstanding among Malaysians.

Is it okay ?
Implementation is very vital. It's best to implement GST and lowering down the personal income tax rate simultaneously. And, this time government did consider this well. As long as it was implemented properly, this should bode well for our nation to broaden the tax revenue, thus reducing the budget deficit and maintaining the credit rating of our country's obligations.

Why MyEG ?
Strange question over here? Yes. As we knew, MyEG already successfully completed its trial version for GST computation in business premises. Do you know why MyEG shoot up to all-time high to closed at RM2.25 today?


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