29 December 2015

2015 Year End Financial Tips... (Read this before 31st Dec 2015)

Hope this is not too late. With all the impending increases of various prices, we all in Malaysia already feeling the pinch of rising cost of living. The good news is there is a fresh year coming, while the bad news is the situation was expected to persist until mid-2016, at least. Hope some of the financial tips listed in this article may help you a bit.

2015 is coming to an end this Thursday and before we enter into 2016, here are few of the items that you may don't want to missed out. Either it may help you to saved some money, or give you some bargain that you may have overlooked.

16 December 2015

US Fed Rate Hike: Good or Bad? How is it going to impact Malaysia?

Everyone are anxiously waiting for the outcome of Federal Reserve of US (FED) tonight. If the rate was really raised, it will be the turning point of the interest rate direction. Should FED make the decision to hike it, is it good or bad for the global economy? And most importantly, how is it going to impact Malaysia?

It's not news anymore since we're talking about this FED rate hike issue one and half year ago. But, the fact is, it does really has a great impact to the world economy, and Malaysia cannot spare from it either.

Generally, below is the 3 possible outcome of 16th Dec 2015 and the possible reactions of global markets:

03 December 2015

PRS Funds List Update and How to make PRS Transfer ? (Dec 2015)

Since the first PRS fund was launched in year 2012, many Malaysian already invested in it because of the PRS Tax Relief and PRS Youth Incentive given by the government. After awhile, many of us started to compare different funds from different PRS providers. It's very normal. So, the information below may helps you.

First, there are still 8 approved PRS providers in the market. But, number of funds already increased to a total of 50 PRS funds for us to choose from. CIMB-Principal has the most number of funds with 10, while RHB has the least at 3 only. Please refer to below picture.