29 December 2015

2015 Year End Financial Tips... (Read this before 31st Dec 2015)

Hope this is not too late. With all the impending increases of various prices, we all in Malaysia already feeling the pinch of rising cost of living. The good news is there is a fresh year coming, while the bad news is the situation was expected to persist until mid-2016, at least. Hope some of the financial tips listed in this article may help you a bit.

2015 is coming to an end this Thursday and before we enter into 2016, here are few of the items that you may don't want to missed out. Either it may help you to saved some money, or give you some bargain that you may have overlooked.

  • BR1M 2016

    The registration already open since 5th Dec 2015 and it will be closed on 31st Dec 2015. Although the amount is not significant enough to offset the rising cost of living, it does help a little for those who qualified. Click here for more info.

  • MPSJ Compound Promotion

    For those living in this vicinity, Subang Jaya council has given yet another promotion for offenders to settle their compounds with a flat RM10 only. Wait no more. This offer will end on 31st Dec 2015. You can log on to MPSJ website to check and pay online.

  • MBPJ Compound Promotion

    Likewise, Petaling Jaya city council also has its own version of promotion by giving up to 80% discount depending on the year and type of compound. This offer will end on 29th Feb 2016. Don't forget, because after the offer period, all those outstanding offenders will be blacklisted under CTOS. Check your MBPJ compound here.

  • Malindo Air year end sales

    For those who are planning for a vacation during 2016 Chinese New Year festive season, you may fly with the airline with discounted prices. Flying to Ho Chi Minh city with just RM129 ???

  • Popular's Purchase with Purchase promotion

    For parents whom struggling to find the best bargain for their schooling children, you may consider this deal by Popular. Act fast, because the said deal stated clearly "while stocks last".

  • Nationwide Year End Car Sales

    How about car buyer? As announced by various car brands (such as Toyota, Honda, Perodua, Proton...), car prices will be raised starting 1st Jan 2016 to cope with rising production cost due to weakening of Ringgit. Furthermore, many car manufacturers already dishing out attractive perks this month.

Happy New Year !!!

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