29 April 2018

Where will the local market heading to after GE14 ???

Yeah... It's drawing closer and closer now. The election war officially started on nomination day where we see troops of supporters from both sides (even 3 corner fight) raving from the nomination center till various social media platforms.

The ruling party already flooded your favorite YouTube, News portals, and TV channels with their campaign manifesto, while opposition parties holding ceramah day-and-night nationwide to draw the attention of voters on top of their usual Facebook reach-out strategy.

The current ruling government was expected to continue its power by most analysts given the split of votes on the opposition side. Anyway, everything is possible in the current world judging from the surprise outcome from Brexit, UK election, US presidential election...

Would Malaysia follow the surprise trends of the world?
Let's see and investors should prepare for the different outcomes of the result.

08 April 2018

YA2017 Tax Relief for Personal Income Tax Filing

Here are the updated tax relief listings for your reference. Let's max up the relief given to reduce your tax burden.

Please take note that item 8 was combined together and only can be entitled up to a maximum of RM2,500 relief. Although the limit was reduced, if compared to the separate limit given in previous years, it does include internet subscription and smartphone and tablet this round.