24 December 2014

Why Air Ticket Prices won't Come Down just yet? (Dec 2014)

World's oil prices have been tumbling down substantially since June 2014 to current level of US$60/barrel. As most of us already knew, when this kind of news appear, airlines industry tends to be one of main beneficiaries. However, why cheaper oil price this round doesn't really translates into cheaper air ticket price?

The Oily Factor...

21 November 2014

RON95 Petrol: What does it mean by NO MORE SUBSIDIES ?

Today, the hottest topic in town was "No more subsidies on RON95 and Diesel starting Dec 1". While the starting date is just a mere 10 days from now, it catches every Malaysian by surprise. No wonder netizens share this news all over in social medias discussing about this matter and alert other petrol users.

How to determine the prices?

18 November 2014

Share Trading: Nominee vs Direct CDS account

Did you ever notice that when you open a share trading account with a broker, they will usually ask you whether you prefers nominee or direct CDS account? For an ordinary investor, we might not really understand what are the differences and benefits that you can enjoy for both types of CDS (Central Depository System) account.

Well, this is the very basic step every share trading investors should find out first, before approaching a share broker. Equipping yourself with the relevant basic knowledge in order to avoid starting at the wrong footstep. Agree?

This article may help you to understand the differences between these two type of account. Please refer to below comparison tables:

23 October 2014

NEW Fund: Eastspring Investment Asia Pac (ex-Japan) Target Return

Continue looking good on the global outlook, particularly Asia Pacific region as the direct beneficiary of global economic recovery, this new fund would invest into those companies based on its attractive intrinsic value.

However, the road to recovery is not as straight-forward. The recent market sell down is a very good example. Market volatility was another concern for investors, which many of us cannot stomach it. Any solutions for that?

Yes... with this new fund...

12 October 2014

Budget 2015: Which Stocks to Watch?

After the Budget 2015, investors are bracing for the first trading day tomorrow. Before the opening session kicks off, what's the potential counters should investors focus on? How to relate those counters with Budget 2015 ?

The biggest beneficiaries...

10 October 2014

Budget 2015: The People's Economy... What's in it for YOU ?

The much awaited Budget 2015 was presented by our Prime Minister at Cabinet today. Looking on are hopeful Malaysians with their never ended wish lists, which already submitted via various channels. Does your wishes being addressed in the budget?

The People's Economy...

This is the title for Budget 2015, which referring to an economy that based on the daily lives of the rakyat. Very obvious, this is to address the concerns of the rakyat towards the implementation of GST soon.

What's in it?

07 October 2014

Is it Viable to opt for Fixed Rate Loan currently? (Oct 2014)

In anticipation of rising interest rate environment, would fixed-rate loans be a better option for borrowers? To recap, Bank Negara Malaysia, for the first time since 2011, raised the benchmark reference rate OPR to 3.25% in July 2014. While many anticipate that there will be another round of hiking soon, should loan borrowers opt for fixed rate loan?

What is Fixed-Rate loan?

22 September 2014

Minimum Guaranteed Returns for Investment-Linked Policy? Good or Bad?

Published on newspaper recently, it was reported that sources said NAMLIFA had highlighted the need to have a minimum guaranteed sum to protect policy holders of ILPs. Is it work-able? If yes, how to work it out?

Everyone knows what is Investment-Linked Plan (ILP)?

30 August 2014

Interview with Upcoming Commercial Model... Venice Min

Can you recognize the billboard girl of HSBC credit card and various commercial advertisement?

Yes. She is here with Finance Malaysia Blog.

In this special Merdeka posting, we are glad to have a chance to conduct an exclusive interview with another upcoming and proud Malaysian. She is Venice Min, an ordinary girl who eventually became one of the most wanted girl-next-door. Let's explore more...

25 August 2014

Property: Sell-Then-Build (STB) vs Build-Then-Sell (BTS)

It's been a hot discussions ever since many years back. Which one is better? Benefiting developers or house buyers?

To be announced during Budget 2015 ?

20 August 2014

RM500 PRS Youth Incentive. What's that and How to Grab it?

While most of us already know what is Private Retirement Scheme (PRS), how about the RM500 PRS Youth Incentive? If you never heard of, you should understand it before regretting. If you already heard of, have you grab it? If no action taken yet, why?

Unveiling the BEST investment in Malaysia...

RM500 PRS Youth Incentive. What's that and How to Grab it?

While most of us already know what is Private Retirement Scheme (PRS), how about the RM500 PRS Youth Incentive? If you never heard of, you should understand it before regretting. If you already heard of, have you grab it? If no action taken yet, why?

Unveiling the BEST investment in Malaysia...

07 August 2014

Understanding "Special Purpose Acquisition Company" (SPAC). Is it Purely Speculative?

After almost 3 years since the listing of Malaysia's first special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) on Bursa Malaysia, many investors still don't know what's that and many investors skeptical about its existence. Let's us explore here...

What's SPAC ?

30 July 2014

Why Banks offering attractive FD promotions now? (July 2014)

Once again, we came back to this topic again. The Fixed Deposit promotion offered by various banks lately. Since FD seems to be a form of liability to banks (because banks need to pay depositors interest rate no matter rainy or shiny days), why they still launching FD promotions? What's the rationale behind?

Exposing the mystery ...

21 July 2014

MH17 : Insurance Cover or Not ?

First of all, condolences to all family members of passengers and crew members boarding the ill-fated flight MH17. This is a tragic all of us also don't want or expecting it to happen. Justice must be found and those responsible for this tragedy must be punished.

Come back to the question.
Does this MH17 event covered by insurance ?

06 July 2014

YSLM was another Pyramid Scheme? How it Works?

It was so hot that it appeared in major daily newspaper recently on this YSLM scheme. After a brief checked on it, there are a few funny facts that come across Finance Malaysia mind. For a mere RM300, anyone can start to jump into this so-called business (business of get conned and conning people?).

Let's have a read below:

20 June 2014

TA Regular Income Fund

In an ever-changing world, TA Investment Management Berhad are proud to announce to you the launch of TA Regular Income Fund. IOP starts from 16 June - 30 July 2014

Reasons not to miss this investment opportunities:

20 May 2014

Should MAS Went into Bankruptcy? (May 2014)

This is really a multi-billion ringgit question. Since MH370 flew to the great Indian ocean, the share price of MAS also went that deep down under. It has fallen to as low as RM0.15 on 19th May 2014, the lowest level in at least 10 years. It was the most actively traded penny stocks in Bursa Malaysia for past few days.

What should be the best solution for MAS ?

30 April 2014

YA2013 Special Tax Relief ?

I know I know. This may sound too late for you, but I'm sure there are many of you out there are last-minute taxpayers. Even said so, for those of you already filed for your 2013 personal income recently, do you realized that there is this "Special Relief" ?

Example to show the stated "Special Relief" under tax summary page

What's that?
Am I entitle for it?

25 March 2014

New Fund: CIMB-Principal Global Multi Asset Income Fund

Are you looking for a fund that's truly diversified? Look no further. With this new fund, it offers income from a range of different asset classes comprising of global equities and global fixed income securities.


21 March 2014

NEW Base Rate: Good or Bad ?

When Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) announcing that the new Base Rate will replace the current Base Lending Rate (BLR) starting 2015, many people doesn't know what's that. Is it a good thing or is it just another gimmick to increase the lending rate?

Here, Finance Malaysia Blog hope to answer some of the queries posted by our followers...

17 March 2014


Did you missed out on the bull run of Japan market last year? Can't find any pure Japan fund in local unit trust funds? You no need to wait anymore with HwangIM launching the 1st Japan Fund in the market for investors to get exposure to pure Japanese market.

The Hwang Select Japan Quantum Fund is an equity fund that seeks to provide capital appreciation over the medium to long term period. It invests in undervalued Japanese companies with growth potential.

3 Reasons Why this Fund ?

19 February 2014

The Edge-Lipper Fund Awards 2014: Who's the BEST among all?

For unit trust industry, The Edge-Lipper Fund Awards was an annual event to showcase their best performing funds. It was like Oscar Awards for unit trust fund houses. This year there were a total of 47 awards presented. Who is the BEST ?

Let's refer to below table:

17 February 2014

Super FD with 8.88% ???

Recently, Public Bank wrest its muscle to attracts depositors to place their money with them. This has becomes an annual promotional event to get as much deposits after Chinese New Year. The reason was simple: CNY Ang Pow money... What is so exciting this round?

23 January 2014

Exclusive Interview with KCLau

The first article of 2014, we bring to you one of the most successful blogger and one of the best selling book author. Many people will definitely know him, especially for those of you who are from financial industry. With his popular blog named KCLau.com , he shared with readers some financial tips which is very useful and practical.

Let's head over to the exclusive interview session with KCLau as below: