23 October 2014

NEW Fund: Eastspring Investment Asia Pac (ex-Japan) Target Return

Continue looking good on the global outlook, particularly Asia Pacific region as the direct beneficiary of global economic recovery, this new fund would invest into those companies based on its attractive intrinsic value.

However, the road to recovery is not as straight-forward. The recent market sell down is a very good example. Market volatility was another concern for investors, which many of us cannot stomach it. Any solutions for that?

Yes... with this new fund...

The Eastspring Investment Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) Target Return fund aims to provide investors with at least 8% per annum growth over medium to long term whilst managing the downside risk of investments in Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) region.

By employing a value investing strategy, the fund aims to deliver the return regardless of market conditions. The fund manager when managing these type of portfolios will strike a balance between achieving capital appreciation and mitigating downside risks.

In general, the fund manager will strive to keep the volatility of the fund below that of the overall market.

How the fund can mitigate the market volatility?

  1. First, the fund is managed based on value investing, which looks at companies with sustainable business models that are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value.

  2. Second, the fund's portfolio is unconstrained (not based on benchmark index), allowing fund manager the flexibility in identifying and implementing most optimum investment strategy.

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