20 June 2014

TA Regular Income Fund

In an ever-changing world, TA Investment Management Berhad are proud to announce to you the launch of TA Regular Income Fund. IOP starts from 16 June - 30 July 2014

Reasons not to miss this investment opportunities:

Awards Winning Fund Manager - Fullerton Fund Management:

a) Winner of the Singapore Lipper Fund Awards 2014 – Best Bond Singapore Dollar (3 Years) for Fullerton Short Term Interest Rate Fund
b) Winner of Asian Private Banker Asset Management Awards for Excellence 2013 - Best Fund House for RMB Denominated Bonds
c) Winner of Morningstar Fund Awards (Singapore) 2010 for Asian Bond
d) Winner of the below awards as voted by “The Asset” magazine, for their flagship Fullerton 

Highly recognized fixed income manager in Singapore: 
- Fullerton currently have two flagship SGD fixed income funds in Singapore. Both of the funds have AUM of more than S$1bn each. Hardly fixed income funds in Singapore will have more than S$1bn AUM.

Note: Fullerton Fund Management has an excellent track record with no history of loss from bond default. 

Mitigate the possibility occurrence of mismatch risk and ensure the Fund potentially obtain the full notional value of those bonds upon the Maturity Date of the Fund

- No perpetual bond. 
- Avoid trading on bonds. 
- Invest in bonds that match the Maturity Date of the Fund.

Note: **This is not a capital protected/ guaranteed fund and the returns are not guaranteed. Capital investment and capital preservation is subject to no default of underlying bonds or fixed income securities. 

Source: TA Investment Management

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