21 July 2014

MH17 : Insurance Cover or Not ?

First of all, condolences to all family members of passengers and crew members boarding the ill-fated flight MH17. This is a tragic all of us also don't want or expecting it to happen. Justice must be found and those responsible for this tragedy must be punished.

Come back to the question.
Does this MH17 event covered by insurance ?

For MH370 flight which went missing few months ago, insurance companies were already paying out monies to beneficiaries of those passengers involved within one month. However, this may not be the case for MH17, said industry practitioners as reported in China Press Daily.

Unlike MH370 which was still missing, what causing the mishap of MH17 was due to violence or war. According to insurance industry experts, if MH17 was confirmed being shot down by missiles, insurance companies can discharge their responsibilities to pay the claim. Because under the insurance contract's terms and conditions, whatever risks related to war will be excluded. Is this true ?

Let's have a look at the below two examples snapshot from two different policies:

Hmmm... If this is the case, all insurance claims, whether life insurance or personal accident or travel insurance coverage, will not be honored by insurers. Then, the decision made by insurers will be based on how kind or generous or sympathy they are. We believe all Malaysian insurers are kind enough to help. Correct ?


  1. UPDATE:

    LIAM said on 24th July 2014: "Even though some of the policies have exclusion clause, Liam member companies are making special consideration to waive this clause under the extraordinary circumstances".

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