17 March 2014


Did you missed out on the bull run of Japan market last year? Can't find any pure Japan fund in local unit trust funds? You no need to wait anymore with HwangIM launching the 1st Japan Fund in the market for investors to get exposure to pure Japanese market.

The Hwang Select Japan Quantum Fund is an equity fund that seeks to provide capital appreciation over the medium to long term period. It invests in undervalued Japanese companies with growth potential.

3 Reasons Why this Fund ?

  1. Growth Opportunities from the Return of the Samurai, with "Abenomics"

  2. Catalysts (Improving Business Environment and Employment Rate, Tokyo Olympics 2020)

  3. Strength and Knowledge of NIKKO AM

After in  sleeping mode for more than 2 decades, Japan is waking up again to become ultimate rising sun country of the world. If you think that Japan's future is still promising for the next few years, you may consider to diversify into this fund.

Source: HwangIM
Click here to download prospectus

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