30 April 2014

YA2013 Special Tax Relief ?

I know I know. This may sound too late for you, but I'm sure there are many of you out there are last-minute taxpayers. Even said so, for those of you already filed for your 2013 personal income recently, do you realized that there is this "Special Relief" ?

Example to show the stated "Special Relief" under tax summary page

What's that?
Am I entitle for it?

This special relief is given to those with chargeable income of less than RM96,000. This works out to be RM8,000 average monthly income. If you're earning less than that, for sure you're entitle for this special relief.

How much is that?
It was fixed at RM2,000 special relief to all qualified tax payers.

Happy e-filing ( I hope the system won't down...)


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