27 April 2016

New Fund: Global Dividend Fund by AmFunds Management Bhd

Dividend fund has always been the favourite of investors during high volatile market environment, just like what we are experiencing currently. The fund aims to provide income and long-term capital growth by investing in the Target Fund which invests in global equities.

Which is the Target Fund? And, how is the performance?
By the way, the fund is a wholesale feeder fund, meaning it will feed into the Fidelity Funds - Global Dividend Fund (known as "Target Fund" here), a sub-fund of the UCITS compliant Fidelity Funds domiciled in Luxembourg.

How will be the income distribution like ?

Subject to availability of income, distribution will be paid quarterly and will be reinvested into respective class. However, only MYR class has the option to choose to receive in cash form by TT (if more than RM500 each time).

Who is suitable for this fund ?
This fund is suitable for Sophisticated Investors seeking:
  • regular income (in the form of units or cash) and long-term (more than 5 years) capital growth; and
  • investment exposure to global equities.

What should an investor take note about the fund ?

  1. The base currency of the fund and Target Fund was USD
  2. There are 5 classes of fund to choose from namely, RM, RM Hedged, AUD Hedged, SGD Hedged and USD.
  3. Switching between classes is not allowed

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