16 December 2020

BigPay card is changing to red? BigPay got a new Premium card?

BigPay card is changing to RED color? (Why? Because AirAsia is red in color?)
BigPay got a new premium card to selected users? (Why? Because Grab got premium card?)

Wait... Are you sure?
Please read on...

Recently, BigPay teams have discovered that scammers and fraudsters are using new ways to trick BigPay users for their OTP and money.

Huh? How?

The scammers' patterns often resemble:
  • Scammers informing BigPay users that their blue BigPay card is changing to red, hence the customer is needed to provide their details and OTP for verification

  • Scammers informing BigPay users that they will be receiving a premium BigPay card, hence the customer is needed to provide their details and OTP for verification
BigPay would like to clarify that these are absolutely NOT TRUE - the BigPay card remains solely the same striking blue, and there are no existing premium BigPay cards available to anyone.

However, this doesn't mean that the previous method of scamming BigPay users with reasons like cashbacks, lucky prizes or rewards have stopped.

So stay alert and vigilant towards any suspicious or too-good-to-be-true messages! As always, let’s keep your money safe together.

How you can keep your BigPay money safe?

As crazy as it sounds, there are only 4 things you need to remember to basically keep your money safe forever.
  1. NO BigPay employee will ever ask for your OTP or PIN, under any circumstances.
  2. Anyone posing as a BigPay staff on social media, WhatsApp, or any other website that is not www.bigpayme.com is a scammer and should be reported.
  3. BigPay will never randomly call you to give you a prize.
  4. Can’t log into your account? You’re receiving unusual OTP messages? You can’t log into your BigPay app even on WiFi? Send BigPay a message to support.my@bigpayme.com immediately.

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