28 April 2017

How to Identify it is a Money Game actually ??? Here are 6 of them...

Dubbed as the 'money game country' currently, Malaysia is famous again for the wrong reason. Why these kinds of money game schemes lingering around in Malaysia and attracted so many people to join? And, do we really know how to identify a so-called 'investment scheme' was actually a money game?

Why Malaysia ???
This is all because of these well-blended elements: People & Timing. Consisting of two races of the world's future largest economies, China and India, we're in a very good position to 'export or import our expertise' to other countries. Together with the hope of attractive returns amid challenging economic environment faced currently, money game can easily attract its victims to join and spread rapidly.

  • JJPTR successfully export to many other countries including US and Canada.
  • YSLM successfully import to Malaysia by Zhang Jian.

Anyway, the operating procedure of all money games also having these same criteria:
  1. Promising very high return (more than 20% annually) which is too good to be true. JJPTR offering 20% monthly return = 240% annually !!! Warren Buffett also wants to find him as the guru.
  2. Don't have a solid business (products & services) which can generate such high return. No need sell things, sit back and relax, then can generate such high return?
  3. Using various certifications or licensing documents to convince victims that it's legitimate. But, don't have the licenses by Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC) which govern all investment scheme here.

    * Kindly take note that a company registered under Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) is purely for company registration purpose, it doesn't mean it's a legal investment holding company.
  4. Involve in those popular ideas liked by youngsters especially, such as forex trading, virtual money, virtual game credits, gold, or even health care products...
  5. Showcase their fake wealth & glamor rather than a solid business plan to attract you. Fancy cars, pieces of jewelry, grand office and even famous celebrities/socialist...
  6. High referral fee to you for every successful people you recruited, but don't have to teach he/she to do business. Duplicate accordingly, which is just talk and show off !!!

When asked why don't have SC or Bank Negara Malaysia license?

Their answer was that these regulators need a high licensing fee which is not viable from the business point of view. That's why their main operation/website/system was registered in other countries which do not require such licenses. (This is a sign that investors' right are not protected here and it's easy for them to run away one day)

Some even say that Bank Negara won't give them the license because BNM wants to protect the current banks from being in trouble if all of us move our bank money to the investment scheme due to attractive returns which banks can't achieve. A valid reason though. Haha.


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