10 May 2011

Insurance: New Bank Negara ruling to impact claims ratio? (10 May 2011)

Now, every cars can get covered...
RHB Research:
Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) announced last week that effective immediately, members of the public will be able to obtain motor cover from all general insurers and their branches as well as at Pos Malaysia and its branches nationwide. All general insurers are committed to provide motor cover to all motorists including the "displaced vehicles" which generally comprise private vehicles exceeding 10 years old and motorcycles currently underwritten by the Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool (MMIP).
Obligation to provide cover with NO excessive loading

Based on this new ruling, general insurance players are obligated to provide cover to all insurance seekers, without excessive loading and cross selling of other classes of insurance to mitigate the risk. Although, general insurance players could still load the policies, albeit at a more reasonable amount and not 200-300% as previously charged by the MMIP for the so-called high-risk "displaced vehicles" or vehicles which are aged 10 years and above.

Finance Malaysia: Good to car owners, Sorry to insurers...
According to analysts, as a whole, this new ruling is negative for the industry. Although, this is good to owners of old cars, insurers is at the losing side. Insurers are facing with a probability of higher claims, coupled with a lower premiums charged. Of course, this would be underscoring the bottom line of insurance companies. According to RHB reseach, they are forecasting a higher claim ratios on insurers as follows.

RHB research: Changes in claims ratio and earnings

Short-term pain, Long-term gain
However, Finance Malaysia believes this is just a short-term disadvantages to insurers only. Do you still remember the new motor framework which will allow insurance companies starting 2012? That will allow insurance companies to increase the motor policy premiums in the long term according to the claims experience of the industry. More or less, this will balanced out the current negative implications once the gradual liberalizations begins next year.

Source: OSK and BNM

Source: OSK and BNM

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