04 May 2011

After Obama K.O Osama...

In fact, this year's Labor's Day is marred with some terrorist-related news. First, UN successfully bombarded a key area of Libya's dictator Qaddafi, killing his son and injuring scores of his followers and relatives. Then, US troops was successfully and secretly raid the most notorious terrorist leader, Osama bin Laden. The whole raiding process was witnessed by Obama and his key personnel in white house. After several minutes of heart-beating attempts, Obama made an historic announcement on Labor's Day: "Today and finally, we defeated Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the 9/11 terrorist attack. We had done the DNA on the body, and it was Osama."

Why Obama, and not Bush?

Through 10 years of hunting Osama, ex-US president George W.Bush launched several military efforts. This led to the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war. When Obama took over, all had been settled down until the Libya attack lately. If you ask me, I think it bodes well for Obama's next election campaign not by winning the war, but in winning the heart of people, rejuvenate the spirit of US citizen, and regain the trust and confidence of the world. Obama is the man, simply because his name is almost same with Osama. Even news reporters sometimes wrongly spell out the name and read: "Obama is dead in the latest raid by US". You see?

Life goes on...
As spoken by Obama himself, the war against terrorists doesn't stop here. We will continue our job to assure the safety of the world, and to safeguard the interest of the world population. Share market rose initially after the news, but succumbed to losing ground later. The victory doesn't bring much joy to the share market. Instead, it spurred up the revenge spirit of fellow Osama's followers. Actually, we are now in a very watchful days. Security alerts are at all-time high, especially for US embassies globally.

Economy sense...
US government now can cut down on its budget deficit, by lowering the military expenses. USD may gain some lost ground, after sliding for weeks. A technical rebound on USD could again ignite the flames of currency trading volatility. Locally, it is likely to be downward biased due to lacking of positive news. Traders are waiting for the upcoming reporting season to gauge the entry level. Coupled with some bad news on several financial distressed counters like Sumatec, DBE, Viztel... and skeptical result for Fitters and Ramunia, everyone is staying sideline.

Finance Malaysia opines that we need another victory to boost the market sentiment. How about the victory against Qaddafi?

All these years, Osama is very famous, below is some arts dedicated to him.

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