03 July 2015

New Fund: PB Dividend Builder Equity Fund

Dividend funds have been the favour of investors when uncertainty of markets take place. The current situation of the market is just like that.

What's the strategy of the fund?
This new fund seeks to provide income by investing in a portfolio of stocks which offer or have the potential to offer attractive dividend yields. The fund maintains equity exposures within a range of 75% to 98% against its Net Asset Value (NAV). Meanwhile, the balance of the fund's NAV will be invested in fixed income securities and liquid assets which include money market instruments and deposits.

How about foreign exposure?

To achieve increased diversification, the fund may invest in equities and fixed income securities of selected foreign markets of up to 25% of fund's NAV. In the other hand, the benchmark of the fund are as follows:

  • 90% FTSE Bursa Malaysia Top 100 Index (FBM 100); and
  • 10% 3-month KLIBOR

Having said so, this fund is meant for medium to long term investment is suitable for those investors with moderate risk appetite and scared of the global uncertainties. Happy investing !!!

Source: Public Mutual

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