25 January 2016

[Maybank 2016 CNY Special] Wanna change new notes after banking hours? How about e-Ang Pow ?

Chinese New Year is around the corner. Are you still rushing and queuing at banks just to change new notes to prepare "ang pow"? Relax... With the advancement of technology, Maybank this year rolled out a series of CNY special treats with innovative banking experiences.

ATM also can change NEW notes ???
Yes. Hassle-free. You don't have to go to banks during banking hours purposely. Right now, you can just go these 88 locations nationwide to change for new RM10 and RM50 new notes. Please take note that the service is only available from 18 January till 9 February 2016. (it's still sad for me to change for smaller notes...)

A new way of sending Ang Pow... e-Ang Pow !!!
It's a blessing by giving ang pows to loved ones and prosperity will continue following you. Tired of folding ang pow physically, how about giving it online? How to do it? All you need is an Android device with Maybank2u Mobile App, and of course you must be a Maybank customer.

Once the transaction is successful, your recipient can instantly redeem and deposit into their preferred bank account via Maybank2u mobile app. Furthermore, you can even create your very own CNY greetings using the photo app and share it. This service is only available until 2 March 2016.

* Take note: The e-Ang Pow will incur a RM0.53 charge per transaction, if the recipient decided to deposit the amount into a non Maybank account. This charge will be borne by sender. Don't simply send ya :)

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