18 January 2016

NEW Fund: United Trigger Equity Fund

Want some investment which is very short term? And, can give you decent return? You should continue to read this newly launched fund by UOB Asset ManagementThe fund seeks to provide investors with capital appreciation and achieve the Trigger Level in the short term by investing in a portfolio of equities and equity-related securities.

A trigger event occurs when the trigger level is achieved or exceeded for 3 consecutive business days at any point in time. In order to achieve the objective, the manager will primarily invest in equities and equity-related securities with SHORT TERM growth potential, which are listed or traded on Asia Pacific markets. The balance of the fund's that is not invested will be invested in fixed income securities, money market instruments and/or held in deposits.

What kind of approach will be deploy for this fund ???
The manager employs fundamental and bottom-up analysis as an integral part of its equity investment process. Meanwhile, since the base currency of the fund is in MYR and as the fund's investments in the foreign countries will be denominated in different currencies, the manager may employ hedging to reduce the fund's exposure to foreign exchange fluctuations via derivatives such as options, futures contracts, forward contracts and swaps.

Asset Allocations:
  • At least 70% in equities and equity-related securities (i.e. warrants).
  • A maximum of 30% in fixed income securities, money market instruments and/or deposits with financial institutions.

What's the benchmark ???
The performance of this fund is bench-marked against a target return of 7% per annum. There is no guaranteed that it will be achieved.

Who is suitable for this fund ???
  • those seeking short term capital appreciation;
  • have a high risk tolerance; and
  • want to have exposure to investments in Asia Pacific region.

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