02 June 2016

New JPJ Vehicle Ownership Certificate? How about my current car certificate?

If you are a car owner or going to buy a new car, then you should be wary about this new changes by Road Transport Department (JPJ) starting this month June 2016.

In an effort to further streamline and broaden the usage of online services, as well as to make the future transaction easier and faster for the public, JPJ determined to change one of the most commonly related services that all of us engaging with.

Starting 1 June 2016, anyone who renew their vehicle's road tax, and those performing vehicle ownership transfer will no longer being issued the traditional Registration Card (RC) / Car Certificate (CC), or commonly known as Car Card. Instead, you will be getting an online-based Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC).

With this new implementation, two of the most commonly asked questions will be:

  1. Do I need to show my VOC when renewing road tax?
  2. Do I need to show my VOC when transferring car ownership?
The answer is NO for both questions because the VOC still contains the details of the owner and their vehicle, and the details already stored online and can be accessed anytime by JPJ officers when performing such transactions.

With these phases in place, JPJ is expecting all vehicle owners to replace their RC to VOC by Jan 1, 2020. Because the current RC won't has any updated information and it's no longer valid by then.

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