13 June 2016

New Fund: Affin Hwang Global Income Fund

The global interest rate has come to a new low in recent years, prompting investors searching for yields which may seem difficult to many of us. In view of this scenario, Affin Hwang rolled out their latest fund to give investors an opportunity to earn higher yield with its defensive strategies while protecting capital.

This new fund is designed for Sophisticated investors who seek income through investment in a portfolio of global fixed income instruments, have a medium to long-term investment horizon and have a moderate risk tolerance.

What's the strategy of the fund?

Since this is an income fund, what's the distribution policy?
Subject to the availability of income, the fund aims to distribute income on a quarterly basis, after the end of its first financial year.

Please take note that there are 4 classes of the fund for you to choose from...

What's the historical performance of the target fund?

Key Info of the fund

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