07 August 2016

Why should you invest in these companies all because of "Pokemon Go" frenzy???

Yes. The 2016 world's most popular game - Pokemon Go - is here in Malaysia now. Are you one of them who register as one of the 'trainer'? It's addicted and it's the hottest topic of town where you can share and exchange conversations with anyone now, especially at PokeShop or PokeGym. (You will only know it if you're one of the trainers)

Well, it's here in Malaysia. So what? If you're playing the games, you should read this to earn back your 'cost'. If you're a share investor, you must read this. If you're not either of them, you can just ignore this.

Identifying the cost of playing...
Just because of the game, many of us will be experiencing either not enough mobile data, or not enough battery power. Then, what would you do? Buy more la...

That's why, as an investor, we should invest in telcos such as Maxis, DiGi, Axiata... whom would be benefiting from higher data consumption, thus, providing higher revenue and profit. Maxis already jumping on the bandwagon by teamed up with a ride-hailing platform, Grab (formerly known as MyTeksi) to jointly launch four “PokeMobiles” cars, which allows Pokemon GO players to book a free ride to play the game. This could boost its average revenue per user (APRU) for its prepaid HOTLINK plan.

Meanwhile, DiGI Malaysia also launched its promotion exclusively for its subscribers make an in-app purchase with 10% discount, and RM5/day for 500MB data top up.

How about Celcom?
Hmmm... no news yet from Axiata's Celcom. Maybe they are still figuring out the best promotion to catch em all by surprise.

On the other hand, places where WiFi is available such as Starbucks and Oldtown will definitely attract many 'data-low' and 'power-low' visitors to let their mobile device consume and rest. Shares like BJFood (franchise owner and operator of Starbucks in Malaysia) and Oldtown white coffee could benefit from the new trend.

If you're investing in overseas shares as well, you may look at Amazon or  Alibaba shares because many people are flocking to these websites to purchase power bank. In Malaysia, one of the most popular brands of power bank is XiaoMi, but unfortunately, XiaoMi is not a listed company.

Then, how about the game owner itself?

Nintendo is the one, but the share price has gone up by 210% before launching the game. However, the company honestly admit that it won't bring much financial impact to their profit from the game, and subsequently, the share price hardly battered down 34% from its recent peak. Unless many companies signed up collaboration partner deals (example to list McD outlets as PokeGym or PokeShop), then investors should consider back this counter.

Enjoy the game and Gotcha Catch em All !!!

Disclaimer: The above recommendations are purely for your reading pleasure only, and you should make your own judgment and decide yourself. We will not be responsible for any losses that you may incur from this blog. 

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