30 August 2016

Don't go to these 27 Maybank branches anymore after these dates... It's TRUE !!!

If you're a Maybank customer, then you should pay attention to this post. It could affect your daily dealings with the bank after these dates. As the largest banking group in Malaysia, is it in trouble financially to take such steps? Let's read on...

Why Closing Down?
In fact, it is a norm from any banking group to close down its operating branch due to lower demand that what the bank expected. As a profit-oriented organisation, whatever the decision made must be aligned to the overall objective set, including opening or closing of a branch. In this case, Maybank may think that the branches have to be shut down because of lower than expected demand. Another reason is there are multiple branches nearby and it brings no economic sense.

Which branch is closing down? And, by which date?
Here is the listing...

Anyway, Maybank will still be the preferred bank by most of us due to its extensive network spreading across all neighborhood, has close to 400 branches nationwide and 2,500 automated teller machines.

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