02 June 2021

BNM: "Loan Repayment Assistance is Available for ALL"

MCO 3.0 >>> HELP is available for EVERYONE.

Banks are committed to make the Repayment Assistance process SIMPLE and EFFICIENT. To obtain this Repayment Assistance, borrowers can contact their respective banks and select their preferred loan repayment options.

Upon selection of your loan repayment options, your bank will process your selected repayment option within 5 calendar days for individual borrowers, and 14 calendar days for SME borrowers.

Let's have a look here:

Repayment Assistance Packages for Individuals

Borrowers who have not received any response from their banks within the timeframes or face difficulties with their banks may contact BNM TELELINK or fill up this form to lodge a complaint: bnm.my/RAsurvey

Borrowers who can afford to continue their loan repayments should do so. Resuming repayments would be in their interest as this would reduce the overall cost of borrowings.

Individuals and businesses in need of repayment assistance should contact their banks to select their preferred repayment options.

If you need guidance in selecting repayment assistance, or wish to explore alternative options for your finances, you may contact AKPK at
https://services.akpk.org.my . Don't go and find 'Ah Long' lah...

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