13 January 2012

Unbelievable 1Malaysia Amanah Rakyat Scheme?

Did you watch TV news just now? There is a good news for Malaysian who are looking for higher saving rate for their monies. Yes. I am talking about the fresh from oven 1Malaysia Amanah Rakyat scheme. The scheme was launched by Prime Minister, which aimed at helping those with a monthly household income of RM3,000 and below.

Unlike the previous series, the new scheme was a hybrid of a unit trust investment and loan product, capable of generating a consistent cash flow or monthly income. It will be made available from Jan 30. But, the best part is it comes with a Guaranteed return. Unbelievable?

The limit is RM5,000 and it can be bought through savings or investment loans from selected financial institutions, such as Maybank, CIMB, RHB and BSN. Investors would get a guaranteed RM134 monthly and for those who borrow, they only need to pay RM84 a month and still get RM50 in profit.

Too Good to be TRUE?
Let's us calculate the return on investment. If investors fork out RM5,000 themselves to invest, the return would be RM1,608 per annum (RM134 x 12 months) and was equivalent to 32%. You don't have to calculate again. It's 32%, some more guaranteed.

Well, how about by borrowing the RM5,000 investment capital? If you borrow to invest, based on the RM50 net profit per month, it works out to be RM600 profit per year or equivalent to 12% return. Still consider very good. Nope, it was infinite return though because basically you pay nothing up-front to make 12% return, right?

Comparing to Fixed Deposit rate of only 3.25% per annum currently, 32% is 10 times that figure. Example, if you put your money into the new scheme, it was equivalent to putting your money into 12months FD for 10 years!!!

How did PNB guarantee?
Frankly speaking, Finance Malaysia really do not know. We're cracking our head hard now, and yet still do not have any clue. I think only PNB and Government know. Maybe, this is just another way of dishing out money to the hand of Rakyat. The special part is Government giving out beautifully this time indirectly (but, it still very obvious for us).


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